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    How to Compare Bigcommerce Pricing Plans

    Last Updated | December 6, 2022

    Introduction to Bigcommerce

    BigCommerce is an eCommerce development platform that helps build online stores and websites through which a business can easily switch from a physical presence towards an online one. It is a shopping cart software that is self-hosted and powers thousands of online stores, numbers being close to 150,000 live stores online this year. In addition, BigCommerce price is not one fixed amount, rather there are multiple BigCommerce pricing plans available for different kinds of businesses, according to their suiting.

    BigCommerce is said to have been operating in over 150 countries, worldwide, and is one to the few best and top recommended eCommerce platforms(such as Woocommerce Migration and Salesforce Commerce Cloud) globally. Unlike other platforms like WooCommerce designer, etc., Bigcommerce Development Company does not need the business to have any pre-requisite online presence; rather, it works better for companies that are new to the online genre and helps them fluidly and naturally into the online business platform. Thus, it is known as the go-to eCommerce platform for beginners.

    The best part about BigCommerce is the fact that it is very easy and not at all technical to use. It gives you multiple pre-determined themes to choose from, and then take it forward according to the business’s needs. The business itself can design the outlook of their website and store, with easy options to add their products, upload photographs, add their discount system, and create their own panels and navigational options.

    BigCommerce is not restrictive in the type of businesses that can use it, and currently, it is catering to a wide range of industries, such as electronics, fashion, healthcare, etc. Moreover, it even helps businesses safeguard against some major losses too, including fraud, abandoned carts, etc. Product ratings are also present in your profile; incase consumers want to know how the product is before purchasing it.

    All these offerings from BigCommerce has given it the second largest market share in all fully hosted eCommerce platforms(such as Salesforce commerce cloud development ), just following Shopify, along with a fair BigCommerce share price. The flow and support that BigCommerce gives to businesses is beyond comparison, and we will be finding out more about this platform in the following sections.

    • What Bigcommerce offers you

    best Bigcommerce offers

    • Easy Usage:

    BigCommerce is much easier to use than other such platforms because it has easy to understand tools and navigations available. It is more or less self-explanatory, and all tools are known to most people already, so you do not have to be a tech-savvy person to work with BigCommerce, which is why it is a great starting platform for beginners.

    • Tools and Features:

    The good thing about BigCommerce is that, if you have signed up for any of the plans that BigCommerce presents, you get all the tools and features already in-built, and no additional costs or charges are required, and BigCommerce certainly has a lot of variety of tools and features to choose from.

    • Security:

    Along with tools and features, BigCommerce also has a built-in security system and an SSL certificate that comes along with all the plans; thus, it is a very secure platform.

    • Customer and Technical Support:

    The best thing about starting your website with BigCommerce is that there is no way you can get lost of not find a solution to your problem. This is because BigCommerce has a 24/7 online team that is there to help its users and give any kind of technical assistance they may need at any time. This team is available through the phone, email, and even a live chat option where they can promptly help you out.

    • SEO Features:

    An important part of an online business is its relationship with the SEO engines and how promptly it may show up in different places. The solution to this is already in-built in the BigCommerce platform, as it gives you the leverage to edit any descriptions, meta titles, images, etc. which you can keep editing according to trending tags.

    • No Limitations:

    BigCommerce works with a no limitations concept when it comes to the amount of products or product categories the store wants to add online, giving you a free hand as to as many you want to put up. Moreover, BigCommerce also has no cap on the number of staff accounts the store may want to keep, so you can have as many staff accounts as needed.

    • Payment Options:

    Bigcommerce Support Services transactions in all currencies, unlike many other platforms of the sort. It also accepts credit and debit cards and also payments through different gateways such as Square, Stripe, PayPal, Apple Pay, etc.

    • What are BigCommerce Costs?

     BigCommerce Costs

    BigCommerce is not a free platform, but it also does not have any single cost or criteria by which it charges the users; rather, BigCommerce price plans vary in rate, limitations, and offerings that it presents to its users. The philosophy of the BigCommerce pricing plans is to give a fair and competitive model of pricing for upcoming and growing brands, along with the sense of reliability, transparency, and final accountability to BigCommerce itself.

    In return for the Bigcommerce web design company cost it charges under its various plans, it gives a lot of features and options to the user. The businesses have different themes, typefaces, and tools that they can use, adjust, and edit at any time, to make their website outlook better. The SSL certificate that BigCommerce provides gives a secure feeling to the user, and the features where BigCommerce helps solve fraudulent or abandoned cart problems are a big help to all businesses.

    BigCommerce cost price is also fair enough as it does not charge the company per piece of sales conducted; rather, it is one fair amount that is paid to BigCommerce that is a consolidation of all the means of income and profit that the company uses. Though, BigCommerce would prompt the business to switch or change their plans if the sales go above the limit that their specific BigCommerce pricing plan has set, because it is not fair to conduct more business and not give the eCommerce platform that is helping you out its fair share.

    • BigCommerce Pricing Plans

    Pricing for Bigcommerce Plan

    There are four different BigCommerce pricing plans that are available for any kind of business. Bigcommerce plans pricing depending mainly on the amount of business they conduct annually, and their annual number of sales.

    The BigCommerce price lists are as follows:

    • BigCommerce Standard Pricing Plan:

    The monthly cost for this standard plan is $29.95. This plan enables the business to conduct online sales of approximately $50,000 in a year, which is calculated under 12 months trailing basis.

    This standard plan has all the generic features that other plans also do, and has all the basic features in-built into it. These include the following:

    There is no transaction fee included in this plan. This plan lets the user upload unlimited number of goods and categories, along with an unlimited amount of bandwidth and file storage space. As already mentioned, and is true for all BigCommerce related websites, the company can have an unlimited number of staff accounts.

    This plan also enables the business to have multiple sales channels, for example, a branded online store or partnerships with other brands, sales through big names of websites like eBay or Amazon, which would give great exposure to the business itself. The bigcommerce agency can also resort to Facebook and other social media options like Instagram, to sell its products, and finally, there is always Google Shopping to help sell online if nothing else works.

    The standard plan also has a lot of good features to offer to its users. This includes a very responsive website, which gages multiple responses and makes it a success, along with giving the customers a single-page checkout option, so that customers find it easy to purchase their products and not have to wait long to checkout, which may lead to multiple abandoned carts.

    As with all plans of BigCommerce, gateways like Apple Pay, Google Pay, Amazon Pay, PayPal, etc. are all available options for payment by customers, giving a great variety of payment choices to the customers, so that all customers are satisfied. The standard plan also gives leverage to the business to have their own gift cards or coupons or put up any kind of discount that they think would attract the maximum number of customers and lead to more sales.

    The fact that there are product ratings also available on the websites, and are included in the standard pricing plan is great because it attracts more customers if ratings are higher and available. In addition, blogs can also be integrated through this plan to make the product sell higher.

    There is also the option of real-time costs for shipping included in this plan, which the customers can easily avail at the time of checkout. This plan has the SSL certificate also in-built, so any fraudulent activity or any other security threats will be taken care of by the team of BigCommerce and will have negligible impact on the company’s business or profits, so there is no need to worry.

    And finally, this plan, along with all the other plans, gives the businesses, users, and customers a portal for online support at all times, as mentioned earlier too. Thus, in case anyone, at any time during, before or after a transaction comes forth a problem, they can communicate it to the customer service team, who will then solve it as promptly as possible.

    • Bigcommerce Plus Pricing Plan

    Best Bigcommerce Plus Pricing Plan

    The next BigCommerce pricing plan is the Plus plan, and the cost of BigCommerce under this plan is $79.95 per month. This plan gives the business a little more leverage over the maximum sales per annum amount and caps it to $180,000 a year, again, calculated under 12 months trailing basis.

    This plan is said to be the most popular with businesses within the BigCommerce price options and has all the options, features and offerings that the standard pricing plan above has stated, but it has some additional features as well like mentioned below:

    It is favorable for the business in terms that it gives you the option to target your specific market because it lets you segment the market and divide it into the appropriate customer groups that can be targeted using different mechanisms. This gives an upper hand to the business, whereby they can easily find out what the specific kinds of users need, and they can offer them the right kinds of products easily.

    The abandoned cart saver option is also fully available under this BigCommerce pricing plan, where if a customer has left the card and gone off the page, the website prompts the business, and an email or message is sent to the customer, alluring them to come back and buy the products they left, or buy them at a discounted price. This could surely bring back lost customers and create an edge for the company.

    Along with abandoned carts, the Plus pricing plan also handles persistent cart cases very keenly. This means that it gives the customers an option to even switch devices without losing the items they have already put into the cart. This is essential to gain customer trust and integrity. Moreover, this plan also lets the customers save their payment and credit card details, so that they do not always have to fill in the details every time they make a purchase, and it is only a one-time effort.

    • Bigcommerce Pro Pricing Plan

    Best Bigcommerce Pro Pricing Plan

    The third type of pricing plan that BigCommerce offers is the Pro pricing plan, which costs around $299.95 per month, and gives the company up to $400,000 worth of sales leverage. It is a specific plan for those companies that are already in the growing period, and have seen a certain amount of growth already, but before entering the maturity or decline stage, they want to obtain more diverse features.

    This plan, again, has all the facilities that the previous two plans also offer, but it offers more in the form of special features, that include:

    Google customer reviews, whereby google feedback and analytics could let businesses know what potentially they are doing right or wrong, depending on what their customers have reviewed on different sites, which are available on Google for the business to check out.

    One most important feature that the Pro pricing plan offers is the faceted search option. Through this option, customers get an opportunity to filter the products and get to the exact product they need more quickly than otherwise. The filter on the products can be put on the size, the color, the brand, or any other feature of the product, and after choosing your options, the exact product that you need will come up faster.

    The regular built-in SSL certificate is available under all pricing plans, though, in the Pro pricing plan, there is an option for the online store to bring in their own custom SSL certificate that they may have purchased from another resource, due to their personal reasons or trust. This way, the business can be at ease with its own SSL in place and work normally with BigCommerce without any security threats at all.

    • Bigcommerce Enterprise Pricing Plan

    Best Bigcommerce Enterprise Pricing Plan

    The Enterprise pricing plan is for all those companies that are big sharks in the market and companies that have seen tremendous growth in their business over time, and want power their success through a full-option plan that leaves no gaps whatsoever, and has everything built-in. Though, this plan has a custom pricing option, which means the company has to contact its BigCommerce platform provider and set a price that suits the specific needs of their specific kind of business.

    This option, of course, has all the options, features and opportunities that are available to all the other pricing plans, what makes it different is its full-option feature, which includes all the following options for businesses too:

    The faceted approach that the Pro pricing plan offers is included, but additionally, Enterprise businesses can use their own personal categories and code names in the faceted search menu. This can lead customers to their own products and codes without any hassle.

    For the online stores using the Enterprise pricing plan, price lists are also readily available for them to give their customers the choice of products and price range that suits them, along with the feature of making unlimited API calls, which was prohibited by all the other plans as of yet. There is also no cap on the maximum amount of sales per year that they conduct, so the Enterprise users do not have to change their BigCommerce pricing plan as such ever, as there is no need for it.

    This plan also has an express routing option, with priority support available for them throughout, and they have the option of using the strategic account management system and staff available for them, making the tasks and performance of the owners much easier and less hectic in terms of managing the business overall.

    While we are discussing the pricing plans for BigCommerce, it’s also essential to consider the website development costs. Truth be told, the development costs can be expensive because designing the store from scratch will cost around $20,000.

    • Final Thoughts: Is BigCommerce a Good eCommerce Platform by Pricing?

    BigCommerce Platform by Pricing

    BigCommerce is a platform that provides you with hosting, tools, features, themes, security, no limitations of products, pricing or lists, and no extra domain charges or hidden costs once you buy any of the monthly plans. In addition, different plans would fit different businesses according to their needs, profit margins, etc. So, the pricing is pretty much aligned with the business and its requirements.

    Though, one drawback of using BigCommerce is that if a company is not making enough profit margins but needs the extra features that the Plus or the Pro plan is offering, they have to change to those plans and pay a higher amount from their profits. Furthermore, if you have a certain plan that is capped at sales margins lesser than what you are earning, BigCommerce will automatically prompt you to switch to a more expensive plan, and you cannot disagree as it is a rule.

    Thus, BigCommerce is said to one of the top eCommerce platforms and works great with beginners and all sorts of businesses; you still need to make a decision based on your sales and profit margins.

    • Next Steps Getting Started with BigCommerce

    Bigcommerce Integration is one of the big names in the eCommerce market, and would definitely make your business a successful one through it if you plan to go on the web with your business. It offers a variety of tools and features, and does the work professionally, with a secure and safe environment. Having powerful marketing abilities, using SEOs and engines, to customized themes and outlooks available for its users, it can manage a whole store from one central point, and it is easily accessible to you on all devices.

    Though, some tips and tricks have already been mentioned in the article above, which plan to choose and what things to tweak at the frontend, all depend on the kind of business you have. Although BigCommerce would not disappoint any of its users, and with the help of the ever-available customer and technical support team, your business can use BigCommerce as the next source of sales, revenue, and much more.

    • Conclusion

    The BigCommerce prices, at a glance, seem very reasonable and may attract users and businesspeople as what they are offering at that price is beyond what other eCommerce platforms are offering. Though one must always keep in mind the marginal profits it is making and its annual sales, or else, BigCommerce would lead you to adopt a higher paid plan, and your profits would go down significantly.

    However, BigCommerce also has a 15-day free trial period up for grabs, so people who want to try working with it first and need time to figure out their profits and look into which plan suits them best, they can use the trial phase, get familiar with the BigCommerce platform and then take a final decision.

    • FAQs

    Q.1.) How much does BigCommerce SSL Certificate cost?

    If you buy any of the packages that BigCommerce offers monthly, an SSL Certificate, Encryption Everywhere, is free and already in-built, giving basic encryption to the business.

    Choose the Pro or Enterprise pricing plans, you also get a chance to bring your own custom certificates to your store from third-party buyers as it is one of the offerings these plans specifically made for their users.

    If the business needs any other kind of SSL certificate in BigCommerce, they also have the following options to choose from:

    • Quick SSL – costing $59 and gives strong encryption services.
    • Quick SSL Premium – costing $149 and gives advanced encryption services.
    • True BusinessID w/ EV – costing $299 and gives the best kind of encryption service available around.

    Q.2.) What is BigCommerce Product Options price?

    The BigCommerce platform has no limitation on the number of products or product categories the business wants to upload or set up in their online store. Thus, product options like size, color, price, and other variations have no pricing, and the business can set up as many and whenever they want.

    Q.3.) What is BigCommerce b2b pricing?

    All the pricing plans that BigCommerce already provides are the same as B2B pricing because they are sold to different businesses who want to get into the online store line.

    The BigCommerce pricing rules are as follows:

    • The Standard Pricing Plan – $29.95 per month.
    • The Plus Pricing Plan – $79.95 per month.
    • The Pro Pricing Plan – $299.95 per month.
    • The Enterprise Pricing Plan – Custom pricing according to the type of business and annual sales revenue.

    Q.4.) What is Bigcommerce vs. Shopify pricing?

    BigCommerce monthly cost is more or less similar to that of Shopify:

    BigCommerce Pricing Plans

    Standard Plan $29.95
    Plus Plan $79.95
    Pro Plan $299.95
    Basic Plan $29.00
    Shopify Plan $79.00
    Advanced Plan $299.00


    Though, once you have bought the plans, Shopify had hidden costs all along the way, whereas BigCommerce offers much more in their monthly plans and does not require you to pay extra charges.

    Q.5.) What is BigCommerce bulk pricing?

    BigCommerce deals with different businesses according to the plan they choose, and it is the same price for all businesses, except in the Enterprise plan, where it is dependent upon the company’s annual sales, so there is no bulk pricing available for BigCommerce itself. Similarly, there is no BigCommerce wholesale pricing as BigCommerce itself is the end seller.

    Though, to make selling easier for its users, BigCommerce lets the users set up their own discount rates, coupons, wholesale or bulk pricing methods in the online stores, which could lead towards better business for the company and no BigCommerce price increase either.

    Q.6.) What is BigCommerce domain pricing?

    There are no separate charges for a domain name if the business has already purchased one of the following monthly pricing plans that BigCommerce offers:

    • Standard Plan – $29.95 per month.
    • Plus Plan – $79.95 per month.
    • Pro Plan – $299.95 per month.
    • Enterprise Plan – Custom pricing according to the business’s requirements.

    The users can easily set up a domain from the BigCommerce control panel under any of these plans once they have purchased it.

    If, howsoever, the business does not have a purchased plan, they can buy a domain from BigCommerce for approximately $12.

    Q.7.) What is BigCommerce change price?

    If the price change is between different pricing plans that BigCommerce offers, then the user only has to pay the new pricing charges once the plan is upgraded.

    If the user wants to change pricing on their website, and there are hundreds and thousands of products, they can use the following process:

    • Export all the products to a CSV file
    • Use the “Bulk Edit” template
    • Change all the prices on Excel
    • Then import back to the website

    Though, be careful in putting the right values in; do not get confused and do 10-20 at a time, not more. Also, keep saving the work regularly, so you do not miss any data field.

    Q.8.) What is BigCommerce price template?

    The Enterprise pricing plan gives its users the option to show different price lists to different customers and have a faceted search approach, under a stencil theme, that other BigCommerce pricing plans do not offer.

    The other pricing plans offer simple catalog pricing options whereby the store adds all their products and their relative prices on the website. They can add a discount percentage or wholesale price in addition, too. There is no limit whatsoever on the number or price lists, just like no limit on the amount of products.


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