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    Last Updated | June 20, 2022

    Why do you need a Shopify wholesale app?

    Jump into the world of wholesale with your Shopify store. You may have been approached by businesses interested in purchasing products from you, or maybe it’s time for some new markets and connections; either way, setting up a shop there can be an easy step towards getting started! Plus sellers should know about this channel: even without being PLUS certified yet (which is free!) Select customers will enjoy deals tailored specifically to their needs thanks to well-known limitations such as pricing restrictions, which go hand-in-glove when selling in higher quantities online these days. Hire Shopify website design company to design your web store and do your migration to Shopify if you are currently using some other apps. It has hundreds of shopify varients limit so it is also fun to use. You can also search for best Shopify integrations on the internet to customize the Shopify to your use or you can hire Shopify optimization/ customization services.

    Can Shopify be used for B2B?

    Shopify is an incredible tool for growing your business. With features like automated emails, warehousing, and more, if you’re in the B2B space, this product will help take care of all aspects from start through growth!

    How do I make my Shopify website B2B?

    • There are many steps to setting up a Shopify B2B website, but it’s not difficult once you have the know-how.
    • The first step is joining the community and making your first moves towards becoming an owner of this platform by creating an account with them!
    • The next thing on our list will be adding products into online storefronts via uploading files or photos from social media sites like Instagram–whatever medium best suits the type(s) of product materials available at hand.
    • And finally, make sure it looks good with some design work too!

    If you find it hard to build your own Shopify store, then there are always professional builders who can help. The average Shopify store revenue depends on many factors, such as the design and functionality that’s required by customers in order for them to purchase from what is offered within this particular industry-leading platform, but since its features offer maximum opportunities while still being easy enough without requiring too much technical knowhow (or time), they never disappoint! So, hire Shopify ecommerce Development Company to get started with your store! So, hire someone to build your Shopify store.

    Is Shopify good for B2B

    Yes! Shopify Plus was created to satisfy the growing need for a platform that manages large-scale B2B services. Excellent tools are available with Shopify’s robust feature set, including an easy ordering process and assured payment processing-all without sacrificing quality or customer service.

    A popular direct e-commerce website called “Shopify” offers both small-scale businesses, as well as big enterprise level companies, access to modern marketing techniques through its wide range of products, which can be easily customized according to your needs at hand by simply adding more options on top of what’s already there!

    Read  our article is Shopify Good For Small Businesses to get more details.

    5 Best Shopify B2B Apps

    Ready to take your eCommerce game up a notch? We’ve done all the legwork for you, so now it’s time for you to do what needs doing! As a Shopify store owner and potential wholesale eCommerce business builder, don’t miss this article! Check out these B2B Shopify apps.

    5 Best Shopify B2B Apps

    Administrators have the ability to review all new customer registrations and approve or deny them. Upon approval by the store administrator, customers will receive an email notification. No product prices or “Add to cart” buttons are visible to visitors and customers who have not been granted access to your site. They cannot place an order until the administrator of the store has approved it. Links to the registration page or the login page can be included in your custom message for visitors and unapproved customers.

    App Features

    Create your private B2B store

    Customer’s validation by an admin

    Hidden prices for visitors

    B2B Private Store

    The app allows you to set up a private store for your customers, where they can browse and buy only those items that have been registered. This is great if the business model focuses on B2B sales because it ensures privacy between buyers and sellers!

    App Features

    Help your B2B business

    Show products only for members

    Lock your store for visitors

    B2B Login to See Prices

    Do you want to build a B2B space for your customers and restrict access to prices and “Add to Cart” buttons to just those who have signed up for your service?

    This app is the most efficient method of accomplishing this. During their stay, visitors will be unable to see prices or “Add to Cart” buttons. Only registered users will be able to see it once they have successfully logged in. Prices and “Add to basket” buttons for products can only be displayed when a user has registered and created his or her own account. If you have hidden prices and “Add to Cart” buttons on your website, you can create your own message box that will be displayed instead of the prices for visitors. Directly in the App setup, you can set it to “On.” After each modified action, you can get a live preview of the message box in which you are working while modifying the message text, message background, color, and so on.

    App Features

    Hidden prices for visitors

    Hidden for selected products

    Message for not-logged-in users

    B2B Hands free

    Do you want to build a B2B space for your customers and restrict access to prices and “Add to Cart” buttons to just those who have signed up for your service?

    There are some differences between dealing with B2B / wholesale customers and dealing with regular customers. You’ll typically want to qualify business customers before providing them wholesale pricing, and if you’re in the EU, you’ll want to obtain their VAT ID so that they can purchase from your store without having to pay VAT on their purchases.

    Special B2B registration form

    Auto tax-exemption + tagging

    Print the VAT ID on invoices.

    B2B/Wholesale ‑ Custom Pricing

    This is a custom Shopify app. The discount and VIP price sections offer great deals for B2B or wholesale clients. This is a place where you can find discounted prices with no strings attached, so it’s perfect if your company needs special rates on bulk orders!

    Full B2B Price Customization

    B2B Sign Up, Tags & Tax Control

    Order Limit & Multi-Currency

    Following are some more apps beneficial for Startup stores:

    B2B/Wholesale Solution By BSS Commerce

    An A2Z solution for merchants to empower their stores, BSS Commerce’s Shopify B2B/Wholesale Solution for Shopify is a powerful tool. It permits:

    • Set up unique registrations for each customer in order to verify their legitimacy from the outset;
    • Use smart conditions to automatically add customer tags;
    • Customer or customer tags can be used to assign prices for products.
    • Use the number of items ordered to create a tier-based discount.

    Wholesale Gorilla By Wholesale Gorilla

    • Set up tiers of discounts for different types of products and clients;
    • When a new customer signs up, either manually or automatically, create tags.
    • Forcibly restrict sales of certain products to wholesalers or retailers.
    • Customers who have logged in receive discounts based on their tags.
    • Create cart/collection/product minimum and maximum quantity rules;
    • Display a Single-Page Order Form to speed up the process of placing an order.
    • Specify your own wholesale shipping policy.

    B2B Login Access Management By BSS Commerce

    • Limit the number of times a visitor can access certain pages, collections, products, URLs, etc.
    • In a matter of seconds, you can stop customers from signing up.
    • Use customer tags to hide prices from non-registered visitors.
    • Hide certain products from those who are not specifically targeted.

    Wholesale Pricing Discount By Wholesale Helper

    • Decide on percentage-based and fixed-price discounts.
    • Discounts can be applied to individual products, collections, or the entire shop.
    • Prices of imports and exports;
    • Allow customers to receive discounts if they meet a minimum purchase or dollar amount.
    • Use advanced wholesale shipping rates to set up and manage.

    Easy Wholesale: Bulk Order Form By NexusMedia OÜ

    • In order to expedite checkout, add a bulk order form to individual products, collections, or the entire site.
    • The bulk-order page allows you to list products at wholesale prices.

    Charge Me Later, Wholesale App By Buddy Apps

    • Give users the option of checking out without paying right away; give merchants the ability to charge premium customers (such as VIPs, Gold, Silver, and Platinum members) wholesale or custom pricing;
    • To use the Pay Later option, select the products you want to buy.

    Our team understands how difficult it is to find the right app. Consider one of the following apps for your startup: These are the best we could find during our research. So, to take advantage of these all apps hire Shopify Development partners.


    List the top 5 b2b ecommerce development platforms?

    • Shopify Plus.
    • BigCommerce Enterprise.
    • OpenCart.
    • Magento.
    • Shift4 Shop.

    What is the difference between Shopify plus b2b vs Shopify b2b?

    Key differences Shopify Shopify Plus
    Help and support 24/7 support via phone, email, and live chat Personal support called the Launch Manager
    Themes and design flexibility Offer over 60 themes The same theme offers and helps you create a custom theme
    eCommerce features Basic features Basic and exclusive features
    Exclusive apps No Yes
    Wholesale channel No Yes
    Analytics Overview dashboard with business insights Partners with industry-leading analytics companies to bring you up-to-date, expert data and insight
    Pricing and transaction fees Starting at $29/month Starting at $2,000 per month

    List the Top 5 Shopify B2B features?

    • Discounts on bulk orders.
    • Flexible payment system.
    • Tax exclusivity.
    • Responsiveness for mobiles in web design.
    • Reordering with one-click configuration.

    If you still have any questions, then ask help from Shopify development support services!


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