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    Best Mobile App Builder for Shopify

    Last Updated | June 16, 2023

    Almost 60% of Shopify stores have their own Shopify mobile apps. It helps them cater to mobile clients better and increases store exposure, sales, and performance for mobile users. 50% of all e-commerce sales happen on mobile, so it is a must to use the best mobile app builder for Shopify to make your app.

    What is a mobile app builder for Shopify?

    The Shopify mobile app builder creates mobile applications for your Shopify store. These can develop native iOS and Android applications with less or no coding experience. These include free plans with basic functionalities and paid plans with premium features. Research shows that almost 57.5% of consumers find mobile applications as the most convenient method to shop. Mobile applications can also help bring 2 times add-to-cart rates and almost 1.5 times more purchases if compared to mobile browsing.

    Best mobile app builder for Shopify

    Shopify mobile app builders are tools that make it easy to create a mobile version of the store instead of the usual website. These provide all of the features needed to develop a Shopify mobile application such as payment optimization, product information, analytics, and advertisement campaign tracking as well. E-commerce stores have a lot of information to download so it slows down the mobile page loading. But with these builders, you don’t need to worry. This will ensure that the mobile page load speed is high while also optimizing the store for the customers.

    The best mobile app builder for Shopify provides multiple features such as notification marketing, which prompts the customer with messages through the mobile apps. Push notification marketing can also include deals that customers love. These apps will help develop mobile applications to provide a great experience for mobile customers. From here, they are building loyal customers and also increasing the conversion rate of your Shopify store.

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    How to use a mobile app builder for Shopify

    You know what a mobile app builder is for Shopify, but now you need to know How to create Shopify app or convert Shopify store to mobile app by using a mobile app builder. You can follow the steps of converting your Shopify store into a mobile app or hire a Shopify development company in US to do it for you. There are several app builders you can choose from but be sure to choose the best mobile app builder for Shopify.

    The Shopify apps are no-code platforms and anyone can create their very own Shopify application by following the steps below.

    1. Choose the best mobile app builder for Shopify that can convert your web store into a mobile application.
    2. Install the mobile app builder in the store and set up your account.
    3. Design and customize your mobile application.
    4. Publish your application for iOS and Android application stores.
    5. Promote your mobile applications to get increased downloads.

    You can hire a Shopify Theme Development Company to create unique Shopify Theme Customization for your store. This way your app will look and feel unique as compared to other Shopify mobile apps.

    Benefits of using a mobile app builder for Shopify

    The benefits provided by Shopify mobile application builder are too many to count. These applications handle everything about your e-commerce store which includes payment gateways, user interface, product colors and images, and user experience to simplify and optimize them. Since almost 50% of store traffic comes from mobile devices, it means you must not lose the opportunity to target them to convert these visitors into customers.

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    Increase your brand awareness

    Mobile applications act as billboards for your brands. Your application will promote your brand anywhere. If your app stands out, it will be able to deliver significant benefits to the customers by engaging them and making their experience more enjoyable. Your brand will also quickly become known by many people. The mobile app will help you get it simply and quickly. You can easily personalize your images, themes, colors, and your brand to make the user experience the best.

    A couple of years ago, there was no major need for an investment in mobile applications and was still not widespread. However, today it is a must for businesses to have their own mobile application. You don’t want to lag behind your competitors or miss out on revenue.

    Your application can nurture your customer loyalty as well. When mobile apps became widespread, customers ignored the habit of being approached by advertising. Customers will always prefer your store and stay loyal to it if you provide them with a great experience.

    Improved Shopping Experiences

    Mobile applications also provide immense value to customers. Especially as they can provide regular updates and bring new offers, products, and services without wasting the time of the customer. When your app loads mobile pages quickly with quality images, it will be the best way to impress your customers. Not only this but additionally the operations in the shopping process on a customer’s smartphone become much easier as apps provide payment gateways, shopping carts, and so on. This can also help reduce cart abandonment rates.

    Previously, you had to retain customers with loyalty cards. Now you can use your mobile app for the customers to earn points. As more customers use the mobile application and place orders, they receive more points and return to your store to get discounts.

    Customer loyalty improvement and conversion

    In e-commerce, there are thousands of options for customers to choose from. This is why it is a vital factor for every business that they need to pay attention to customer loyalty. A loyal customer can provide your business with a steady stream of revenue. Additionally, your mobile app can help gather data about your customers to be used for future analysis. Apps can track user engagement, user preferences, and track downloads. These can help improve the customer experience and make them loyal to the store.

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    Mobile apps can also help your store communicate clearly with your customers through the ‘push notifications ’ feature. As a result, customers can understand more, stay updated with the latest offers, and make them more active in purchasing the products.

    Boost store sales

    There are several ways to increase sales on the Shopify stores. But the most organic way is to provide the customers with value and increase their time and money spent on your app. When you create a great Shopify mobile app, you can provide an easy and quick way to find, submit, and fulfill orders online. Additionally, the share of mobile devices for e-commerce continues to grow so it is a must that sales will grow as well.

    Your app will be able to provide your customers with regularly updated features and can drive the customer to buy services or products via your app. Another advantage of the mobile app is the ability to easily checkout with saved payment details which allows the customers to purchase goods anywhere and anytime.

    Best Mobile App Builder for Shopify – Convenience and ease of use

    Many people who are not tech-savvy think that building a mobile application on Shopify requires many technical skills or that hiring an expert is too expensive. Application builders require no code experience and this is what makes them easy to use. Anyone can make their application without hiring an expert. However, due to tough competition, and over 90% store failure rates, it is advised to use the best mobile app builder for Shopify even if it costs you a little bit of money.

    If you have an e-commerce store on other platforms, you can also perform Shopify migration to take advantage of the bigger market on Shopify. Shopify provides several benefits that are lacking in their competitors.

    Features of the Best Mobile App Builder for Shopify

    When searching for the best mobile app builder, you must make sure that the best mobile app builder for Shopify that you choose must include the features that are mentioned below:

    • Include a customer behavior analysis report.
    • Provide the push notifications for your app.
    • Ensure fast application performance for the store.
    • Give freedom to customize your mobile application design with drag-and-drop functionalities to help develop no-code apps.
    • An engaging and easy-to-use control panel.
    • Intelligent and attractive interfaces.
    • Offer unique discounts to increase store sales and traffic.
    • Promote your new deals and discounts with push notifications.
    • Provide the customers with great functionalities such as filtering, searching, adding to favorites, and sorting.
    • Provide suggestions and discounts on live chat applications with customers.
    • Store an unlimited number of product items on mobile apps.
    • Provide convenient barcode scanners.
    • Use artificial intelligence to recommend products to customers to increase the shopping cart size.
    • Include an analysis of the marketing channels, conversion rates, revenue metrics, and more.

    To track store inventory and other essentials, it is also recommended that you hire Shopify ERP integration services to automate your business. For any customized Shopify plugin development you can hire companies that have Shopify experts on their teams such as Folio3.

    FAQs About the Best Mobile App Builder for Shopify:

    How to choose the right mobile app builder for your business?

    There are several thresholds that must be met to be sure that this is the right mobile app builder. You can compare the apps with benchmarks such as:

    • Customer services.
    • Integrations with other platforms or apps.
    • The beauty of mobile apps.
    • Theme options provided by the app.
    • Ease of use of the app builder.
    • Native iOS & Android Apps.
    Tips for creating an effective mobile app with a builder for Shopify?

    The key to an effective Shopify mobile app with a Shopify app builder is that the store must attract customers on mobile-based platforms. Some tips regarding app development are:

    • Make sure the application can synchronize with your inventory quickly.
    • Customize the themes of your applications to give a unique look and feel.
    • Ensure the application is compatible with all mobile devices.
    • You can use expert developers from companies such as Folio3 who have hands-on experience and know How to develop an eCommerce app on Shopify.


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