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    Facts About Magento Webshop That You May Not Know

    Last Updated | July 17, 2023

    Magento has established its name as the leading eCommerce platform, and the popularity just keeps growing ever since it was surfaced in 2008 for the first time. It’s evident that different platforms were already available, but Magento came out with free availability, open-source code, and high-tech features, which led to quick adoption by the online world (who doesn’t like Magento webshop, right?).

    It’s safe to say that the eCommerce industry has always lagged behind in terms of availability that could help the retailers and merchants display the services and products. That being said, Magento development services came into play and offered this enticing platform. Ranging from advanced features to basic online store needs, it has everything.

    Thus, Magento has expanded the horizons of opportunities for online merchants as well as Magento customization company and developer agencies. Sure, there have been highs and lows of Magento, such as changes in the ownership, coding changes, and low frequency of online activities. Still, Magento managed to stand against these odds and is known to be the unstaggered eCommerce platform.

    That being said, thousands of online stores are using Magento as an eCommerce platform, but there is still so much to see. In this article, we are sharing some interesting facts about the Magento webshop that nobody ever knew!

    Magento integration

    Powering The Internet

    Yes, you already knew that Magento is powering the internet, but the numbers are staggering high. In particular, it’s powering around 1.2% of the internet website. Magento is widely used for setting up online retail stores and has managed to grab 12% of the market share just by setting up the eCommerce websites and stores.

    Magento is enriched with features for developing the online store, which delivers the competitive edge to it as compared to other customer management systems, such as Drupal and WordPress. Magento is currently holding this market share in the CMS application niche, even if it’s only an eCommerce platform (or for now, maybe?)

    A Preferred Platform For Online Retailers

    Magento has become the most preferred platform for executives, merchants, and entrepreneurs across the world. In particular, around 250,000 online stores tend to prefer Magento for their base development. It’s safe to say that merchants are inclined towards Magento and are actually preferring it; it has expanded the popularity and growth of the platform.

    According to stats, from March 2017 to August 2018, the number of online stores has doubled up when it comes down to Magento. For the most part, these stats seem relevant and authentic because the Magento online stores are actually successful. The primary reason behind its popularity is that it doesn’t need third-party apps.

    If you have used WooCommerce and WordPress, you would know that they aren’t standalone platforms, but Magento is. In addition to this, Magento delivers multiple advanced features, such as improved user experience, a wide range of customization options, and improved security standards.

    Magento development

    Extensions & Themes

    We all knew that Shopify has hundreds and thousands of extensions, but Magento takes the lead even with that. That’s to say because Magento has curated a collection of more than nine thousand extensions. Around half of these extensions are from Magento, while the remaining ones are for Magento 2. With this wide range of extensions, online store’s web development has become convenient.

    This extensive range of extensions and themes is attracting developers, ranging from expert developers to beginner developers. It wouldn’t be wrong that say that the integration of extension saves budget and time while improving the functionalities and features. All in all, it’s excellent how developers can quickly and effectively find solutions for the problems.

    Moreover, Magento has an extensive range of templates and themes available at the marketplace. Consequently, the users can easily find the theme that’s tested for quality and functionality.

    Number Of Magento Developers

    Magento has captured an extensive range of developers and professionals who are busy helping clients or people who are working on their projects individually. Magento is assisting the merchants in the eCommerce web development, which adds the functionality or features. In addition, the developers are using Magento to improve the user experience.

    Truth be told, Magento has become a convincing option for eCommerce store owners. Magento has an extensive community and open-source code. That being said, the developers are aware of the technology. Even more, technical support is widely available to service providers, merchants, and sellers, so it’s a fine choice for convenient usage.

    Preferred By Big Brand

    Magento has great scalability, which makes it suitable for small-scale as well as medium-scale businesses. In addition, it’s suitable for large-scale businesses and corporate sectors. That being said, it’s the reason why multinational companies are using Magento for improving their online presence. It might sound surprising, but Bulgari, Ford, Samsung, Land Rover, and Omega Watches are using Magento.

    Truth be told, creating a sustainable platform is essential for such big brands, and Magento is offering that sustainability. So, it’s safe to say that Magento is suitable for B2B businesses.

    Magento Migration

    Number Of Global Partners

    In case you are looking for collaboration with Magento, this is a fact to know. Magento is working to innovate and strengthen the online stores. So, Magento has developed a partnership with more than thirteen hundred agencies and companies, so Magento store development can be extremely convenient.

    To illustrate, the partners are available to help people design the site, improve the functionality, implement the business solution, and deliver continuous support. Even more, the partners are helping merchants improve their business scale and growth.

    Daily Download Count

    Magento was launched in 2008, and in the first year, it received around 500,000 downloads. At that time, it was a huge milestone, and Magento just keeps increasing in popularity. According to the recent stats, Magento is receiving more than 5000 downloads in a day which means they are achieving the first milestone within three months.

    The most intriguing part is that these downloads are only from the official website, but people also downloaded from software directories, so this number is probably higher!


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