Shopify API design and development facilitated Optoro in Shopify merchants onboarding


Optoro is a reverse logistics technology company that partners with retailers and manufacturers and offers full-scale return solutions to manage and resell their returned and unsold merchandise.

Optoro’s Returns Experience Product is a product suite that helps brands and retailers drive customer loyalty by offering a positive returns
experience through an exchange self service returns’ portal. This reduces friction for customers, increases exchanges and repurchases,
and reduces labor costs in processing returns. 

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Supply Chain Management


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Shopify API design and development


Optoro aims to offer its services to Shopify merchants through their public app, allowing them to fully utilize the features of their return platform.They aim to have a Shopify app that easily integrates with the Shopify Plus stores of the clients and eliminate the need for technical expertise. Some of the challenges Optoro aims to overcome are
  • Facilitating the easy installation of the Optoro Shopify App and gain access to store data.
  • Obtaining comprehensive order and product data from the merchant store.
  • Automating the refund process for returns by triggering refunds through Shopify.
  • Offering exchange product variant data.
  • Enabling the creation of new Shopify exchange orders based on customers’ previous orders.
  • Managing unorganized exchange processes within Shopify.


Through our expert API design and development  services, we provided Optoro with a flexible return processing model. 
  • We added an app feature where merchants can input their Optoro access keys and the app verifies the authenticity of the keys. This process is necessary to allow the app to access the merchant’s store data and provide the services offered by Optoro.
  • We synchronized order data between the merchant store and the Optoro platform. To do this, we designed the app to use a combination of two methods. The first is a job that runs periodically and syncs older orders that were previously placed in the store. The second method is a Shopify order webhook, which notifies the app in real-time whenever a new order is created, updated, or deleted in the store. This ensures that the Optoro platform always has up-to-date information about the merchant’s orders.
  • We similarly synchronized product data between the merchant store and Optoro platform as well
  • We Designed APIs for generating refunds and retrieving product variants. The API acts as a bridge between the Optoro platform and the merchant’s store, allowing the Optoro team to initiate refunds through the API.
  • For even exchanges, the app provides a solution for customers by offering gift card functionality within Shopify. For uneven exchanges, the app offers the customer the ability to handle such exchanges through the draft order functionality in Shopify.
  • We designed APIs that the Optoro team can use to create exchange return orders on behalf of customers on the merchant’s store. The Optoro team will be able to initiate the exchange process by consuming these APIs and creating exchange return orders directly on the merchant’s store through the Shopify platform.



The outcomes of our solution are:

  • Improved Customer satisfaction
  • increased profitability and speed-to-stock through outsourcing returns, better margins and an enhanced customer experience through increased speed of re-stocking,
  • A more flexible return processing model that drives growth and enables forward fulfillment.
The Results

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