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    Last Updated | June 13, 2022

    Many merchants and startups are left with the never-ending issue of “What is the ideal technology stack for e-commerce today?” as the eCommerce platform and technological environment continue to grow. Since technological stacks and infrastructures are not a fits-all solution for the different sizes of the business growing out there. Hence, there is no uniform answer to this topic.

    However, there are some unified considerations you can look at before choosing the right eCommerce platform, whether it’s Magento 2 Platform or any other big or small eCommerce platform. Understanding these considerations is quite important as it will help you make a very well informed decision for your business.

    Things You Need To Consider While Selecting A Technology Stack For Your Ecommerce Platform

    When selecting a technological stack, there are numerous factors to consider. Here are our top suggestions on the subject:

    Who are the members of your team?

    The first thing to think about is the talent you already have on staff. If you already have a technical team in place and aren’t looking to entirely remove them, your options in terms of which path to go might well be restricted. Most technological stacks have suitable e-commerce platforms. To support scale, we advise safeguarding your people and culture, thus we propose beginning with your current skillset in-house and working your way up.

    • What’s your sales strategy?

    Do you have a basic eCommerce funnel and a simple sales model? Because your emphasis will likely be on creating your own brand identity and advertising marketing to generate sales, you should look into Shopify or BigCommerce. You might, on the other hand, have a complicated sales funnel, subscriptions, and possibly direct-to-consumer and wholesaler sales. This is where Magento 2 integration shines. A SaaS platform will not be able to support any type of complicated sales funnel or selling procedure.

    • What does success look like to you?

    Do you need field, status, and workflow control in your eCommerce platform rather than a logistic platform or ERP? A SaaS platform won’t get you very far here. Magento 2 Platform is an open-source platform that allows for complete customization.

    • What is your financial situation?

    The cost of construction, maintenance, and continuous operations are all influenced by the budget. Magento may take some getting used to if you’re not used to investing in continuing support and feature developments within an eCommerce platform. Magento 2 Platform, on the other hand, is an excellent choice if you regard technology as a crucial road to success for your company.

    Why Coding Language Is Important?

    In the present times, an engineer’s coding language might reveal a great deal about them. Despite the benefits of PHP, Linux,.NET, Ruby, and other development languages, execution can outperform any technology stack. There are huge eCommerce websites with massive volumes in every language and platform. This is where the coding language discussion comes into play if you’re looking to establish something with a worldwide scale and revenue of $100 million or more per year.

    What Is So Unique About The History Of Magento 2 Platform?

    You might be wanted to discover more about Magento’s history now that you’ve learned a little about its advantages. Despite the fact that Magento, Inc. was founded by an American firm called Varien, Inc. in 2007, Varien was the first Magento development company in Ukraine. Numerous Ukrainian programmers and businesses have flocked to the platform since its inception, making it the engine that drives their work.

    It just goes without saying that Ukraine continues to have one of the biggest numbers of Magento enterprises and developers, and is the Magento leading company in many ways. We are ecstatic to be a part of and contribute to the development of such an innovative and useful platform. If you’re thinking about starting a Magento project or considering Magento migration, please contact Folio3 for a Magento 2 cost and hire Magento 2 developers with us.

    Now that the most critical element is out of the way, let’s talk about the Magento 2 platform if you want to open an online store. We’ll go through the capabilities and benefits of the Magento 2 platform, as well as why it was used by hundreds of eCommerce business owners all around the world.

    The platform has been thoroughly tested and enhanced over the years, with a number of extensions to offer a wide range of functionalities, thanks to thousands of developers around the world. However, these are only a few of Magento’s many remarkable benefits. Let’s look more closely at the finest reasons to use Magento 2 Platform as your online eCommerce solution.

    The Amazing Benefits Of Using Magento 2 Platform For Your eCommerce Solutions

    • Improved Performance And Scalability

    Magento 2 platform exceeds Magento 1 in terms of performance and has an improved indexer that improves query response time. The indexer works to update data on a regular basis, including catalogue data, users, prices, and the shop, to improve the overall speed of your online business. Magento 2 uses its built-in integration with Varnish Cache, the most popular HTTP accelerator, to provide full page caching for your online store, resulting in lightning-fast page loads.

    • Customers’ Persuasion

    Another great feature of the Magento 2 platform is that it enables a variety of upsells and cross-sells to enhance the customer experience whilst still potentially increasing order value. There are upsell and cross-sell options, as well as stock availability and price countdowns, as well as free gifts and discounts. To explain your items in ways that would persuade more customers to buy, you may simply add promos and features to rich media, such as videos.

    • Power-Packed Platform

    Magento 2 can handle all of your eCommerce needs, including processing a large number of orders at once, managing a large inventory, and integrating all significant payment gateways. The new platform is so powerful that it might process 39% more orders per hour than Magento 1 and load up to 50% faster. One of Magento 2 Platform’s most significant enhancements over Magento 1 is a 51 per cent faster end-to-end checkout time, which can significantly improve the client experience.

    • Mobile-Friendly Features 

    Magento is mobile-friendly because of its responsive design and mobile-friendly checkout process. You can now construct and deploy sites that are suitable for all devices and screen resolutions using the Magento 2 platform responsive design template themes. The whole Magento 2 Admin UI is touch-friendly, making managing your online Magento eCommerce store a breeze. Your store’s catalogue is easy to navigate no matter what device or screen resolution you’re using.

    • Improved SEO Features

    One of the most appealing features of Magento 2 is that it was built with SEO in mind, enabling traders to create SEO-friendly URL structures, implement meta-data throughout the website, introduce rich snippets, set up and optimize XML sitemaps, and a slew of other marketing features to help boost your search engine rankings.

    • Huge Magento Community

    Support, development, and customising are all accessible from a large community. There will be plenty of support available, as well as a large library of third-party plugins to add almost any capability to your online store. Magento 2 Platform now offers a large range of third-party integrations, allowing you to flexible model your Magento 2 store. Prominent payment gateways like Sage Pay, World Pay, PayPal, and Klarna, as well as marketing platforms like MailChimp and Nosto, as well as a variety of other popular web apps, are among the integrations.

    • Customisable Security 

    Multiple layers of security permissions can be customised using Magento. There are numerous security features in the Magento 2 Platform that developers may make use of, ranging from Google reCAPTCHA login screens to a supplementary credential prompting and PCI Data Security as standard. This provides you with additional protection against security vulnerabilities and website attacks.

    You may add an extra degree of security to your Magento store by employing technologies like two-factor authentication. To prevent unwanted intruders, establish a specific route for the admin area, and utilise an SSL to encrypt all of your web pages to give customers trust when buying on your site. All of this ensures that your online store is completely safe.

    Magento actively monitors the security of its platform and periodically releases new security patches to help plug up any vulnerability in its platform. Magento provides tools and documentation to help merchants and developers keep their online stores safe.

    • Integration With Popular Marketplaces 

    Prominent marketplaces such as Amazon and eBay can be integrated with Magento 2 Platform. This enables retailers to establish an omnichannel experience, allowing business products and services to access a far larger audience while benefiting from the Magento platform’s easy management.

    • Intelligent Search Options

    Magento’s clever search tools can help you develop the user experience even further. You can use numerous search filters and parameters to filter products. Magento 2 Platform takes advantage of search terms clouds, information about the product quality, recently seen goods, product tags, and more, as well as auto-suggested terms to enable businesses to tailor each search term. Customers will nearly always use your search tool to find what they’re looking for when they visit your store, so make it as quick and pertinent as possible.

    • No Limitations On Customization

    The Magento 2 platform makes it simple to install themes, extensions, and custom programming to meet your specific company requirements.

    Because Magento is so adaptable and customisable, you can use it to design a Step Checkout process, which condenses all of the checkout stages onto one page, making it easier for customers to finish their transactions and lowering your checkout abandonment rate. Add user-friendly features like fast view, different currencies and languages to extend globally, manage many stores under one roof, and ajax-friendly designs, among others. The options are literally limitless!

    In Conclusion

    Magento Web Development Company is not only a successful eCommerce platform, but it also has numerous advantages for both merchants and developers. Customers will appreciate shopping experiences that are aesthetically designed and user-friendly, as well as simple checkout processes and appropriate search results.

    The increased scalability and performance, as well as the testing possibilities and speedier loading times, will be welcomed by developers.

    These are just a few of the many benefits of the Magento 2 Platform, and it’s simple to see why it’s the most widely used eCommerce platform on the planet. Magento 2 is the eCommerce platform of choice for business owners, developers, and digital marketers alike, from small start-up businesses to massive corporate sites with thousands of products and several warehouse locations.

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    What considerations we should keep in mind while selecting a technology stack for our eCommerce platform?

    Here is a brief list of considerations you want to look at while selecting a tech stack for your eCommerce platform;

    1. In-house team
    2. Sales strategy
    3. Success for you
    4. Budget

    What is the Magento eCommerce Platform?

    Magento is an open-source eCommerce platform that is the world’s most popular eCommerce solution. Over 250,000 eCommerce businesses use Magento which accommodates more than $155 billion in gross merchandise volume each year, thanks to a global network of more than 315,000 developers.

    What was the main purpose of the Magento 2 Platform?

    The primary purpose of Magento 2 is the betterment of the user experience in comparison with the previous version which is Magento 1. Magento 2 has a number of advanced capabilities that allow large businesses to provide their customers with a high-quality shopping experience. Magento 2 is more customizable, faster to load, and easier to operate. It also has greater security measures.

    List down 10 Benefits of the Magento 2 Platform. 

    1. Improved performance and scalability
    2. Limitless customization
    3. Intelligent search options
    4. Marketplace integration
    5. Huge Magento community
    6. Advanced SEO features
    7. Customizable security features
    8. Customer persuasion
    9. Mobile-friendly features
    10. Very powerful platform


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