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    Last Updated | January 18, 2022

    Magento vs OroCommerce: An Overview

    Unless you don’t have the correct B2B eCommerce platform, you won’t be able to keep up with industry changes. This is the only eCommerce platform for distributors, wholesalers, brands, and manufacturers that are exclusively tailored to their needs. Personalization, localization, clever marketing tools, thorough reporting, and ground-breaking segmentation are all reasons why OroCommerce has been rated the #1 B2B platform. Open-source eCommerce platform

    Magento features sophisticated APIs and extensions that allow large organizations to give their customers a superior shopping experience. OroCommerce, on the other hand, is a B2B platform for brands, manufacturers, wholesalers, and distributors, while Magento is mainly an eCommerce platform. The leadership team behind Magento built OroCommerce with the notion that B2B enterprises cannot use B2C functionalities. Open-source B2B ecommerce software OroCommerce shares many of the features of Magento. As a consequence, B2B functionality is strong. Over the course of the company’s evolution, OroCommerce has worked with several B2B companies.

    Magento vs OroCommerce : B2B Features

    The greatest distinction is that Orocommerce is a B2B-only platform that is just a few years old. Despite this, the Oro Inc platform & business application platform has a lot to offer. Instead of being new, Magento has been around for quite some time and has always been geared toward B2C sales. Nevertheless, this had changed when Magento introduced their updated B2B module this year, which is already accessible to all partners for a test drive.

    Magento’s B2B feature list:

    • Self-service tools to manage company accounts, purchases, quotes & credit
    • Roles & permissions
    • Payments on account
    • Custom catalogs & pricing
    • Quote requests management
    • Price terms negotiation
    • Quick order
    • Expedite restocking
    • Quick reordering
    • Exceptional support
    • Large orders handling
    • B2B-focused reports

    ORO-Commerce B2B Features List:

    • Corporate account management
    • Access controls, roles & permissions
    • Multiple price lists
    • Multiple shopping lists
    • Personalized B2B catalog management
    • Multiple organizations, websites & stores
    • Content management system
    • Segmentation & custom reports
    • Flexible workflow engine
    • SEO management
    • Email engine
    • Inventory management
    • Promotions management
    • Tax management
    • Quotes & orders
    • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

    Magento vs OroCommerce: Ease of Use

    Enterprises may place a high value on simplicity of use when selecting a platform. The creation of the Magento platform requires a high degree of technical proficiency. Those who are new to the game of Magento should avoid it at all costs. After doing extensive research and gaining practical experience, you may begin using this platform. OroCommerce may emerge victorious in this aspect. Users have given OroCommerce an average rating of 4/5 stars. Technical expertise isn’t required to build an OroCommerce store. The goal is an easy-to-use interface. In addition, customers may access any function they choose at any time. For OroCRM and OroPlatform, the same holds true. Make OroCommerce your first choice if you run a B2B firm and are looking for a simple platform.

    Magento vs OroCommerce: SEO Capabilities

    Magento is believed to be a good platform for SEO. Recent research by Ecommerce Platform found that Magento’s SEO score ranges between 95 to 100, which is a very high number, indicating that Magento’s SEO performance is well-received. Using features like image optimization, visitor tracking, product meta tags, and so on are all simple to implement with Magento. Your website’s search engine rankings may rise as a result, resulting in additional traffic to your company. You may also take use of Oro-extensive Commerce’s marketing and SEO capabilities. You may access a wide variety of marketing tools, including SEO management and CMS support for free and premium editions.

    Magento vs OroCommerce: Scalability

    It’s not a joke when it comes to Magento’s performance. 50.000 visits per hour can be handled by this strong CMS. The performance and scalability of the programme have been improved by making changes to the database, application, and client-side code. In general, a business needs a fast web server. To put it another way, OroCommerce performed well in a performance and scalability test. Excellent Opcache configuration boosts the system’s performance. Since response times are fewer than 300ms, the customer experience is improved, and conversion rates are boosted. In terms of scalability, OroCommerce also performs well. Using this platform, users may grow horizontally without fear of MySQL server failure due to high traffic. In most cases, it’s not difficult to set up a large MySQL server.

    Magento vs OroCommerce: Support

    Magento has an extensive global network and a huge support community. Its customers have access to 300.000 developers and more than 260 partners that may help them build the platform and address issues. As a last resort, you may contact the toll-free phone number provided on the website to seek help with any issues you may have. Course fees vary from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars, depending on the level of instruction. In order to construct a Magento website, you will need help from Magento experts.  

    A wide range of online resources is available from OroCommerce, including user manuals, downloadable training sessions and courses, discussion forums and online courses, as well as email, online form and phone support. In addition to hosting, solution, and technology partners, OroCommerce has a global network of over 80 partners. OroCommerce, on the other hand, has a disadvantage here. OroCommerce, on the other hand, will become more widely available as time goes on.

    Magento vs OroCommerce: Pricing

    Magento is available in three different editions, the first of which is completely free (Magento Community Edition). This edition is appropriate for small to medium-sized organizations since it comes with free programme codes (SMEs). If you run a medium- to large-sized company, you should choose either Magento 2 Enterprise Version or Magento Commerce Cloud as your paid edition. Creating a B2B eCommerce website with the free OroCommerce Community Edition provides some basic capabilities. The OroCommerce Enterprise Edition, which begins at $45,000 a year, offers more advanced features.

    Magento vs OroCommerce: Extensions

    An broad module marketplace produced by a variety of technology partners across the world is what makes Magento so popular. Around 3.700 modules are accessible in the Magento market and a big number of third-party add-ons. Many free and premium Magento extensions may be found when searching for a certain purpose. It’s now up to you to decide which one is best for your Magento website and which extra features to include to create a perfect online store. However, OroCommerce’s extension shop is smaller than Magento’s. Almost 80 extensions are available for OroCommerce products and some for OroCRM and OroPlatform to allow various B2B activities. OroCommerce’s options will thus be limited.

    Why is Magento a Better Platform than OroCommerce?

    Every company, whether B2B or B2C, may benefit from Magento. Magento’s premium editions are excellent for medium to large businesses with substantial assets, large inventory, and high traffic. On the other hand, OroCommerce is an eCommerce platform geared at businesses. It is thus not suitable for B2C businesses since the features and processes for each are fundamentally different. Overall, OroCommerce is a good option for B2B companies seeking a simple platform that doesn’t need a lot of set-up time. However, if you’re looking for a platform that will help you grow your business and ecosystem, Magento is worth a look.


    When seeking an all-encompassing solution that doesn’t need a lot of customization and has a fast market time, Orocommerce should surely be considered. As an alternative, if you want to expand your current ecosystem and push automation to a new level, you may use many different integrations. You can’t go wrong if you choose Magento as your e-commerce platform.


    Is OroCommerce an eCommerce platform?

    OroCommerce is a B2B eCommerce platform for enterprises with powerful capabilities ideal for any B2B commerce situation.

    Is Magento better than OroCommerce?

    Magento is a superior e-commerce platform over others. The CMS of the platform is extensive and flexible. Regardless of how many things a business plans to sell, this method works successfully for all of them. It doesn’t matter what sort of e-commerce site you have or how big it is; establishing a Magento site is a breeze.

    How is Magento a better choice than OroCommerce ?

    Magento encourages teamwork, which leads to greater outcomes. Because Magento is an open-source platform, developers, merchants and other end users may customize it to meet their own requirements.

    Reasons to Hire Someone for Magento Maintenance Services?

    • Experienced in Global Projects
    • Regular Updates of Products & Technology
    • Smooth & Tight Process
    • Certified Magento Developers
    • Professional Solution Specialists
    • Affordable prices

    What is maintenance mode in Magento 2?

    Magento maintenance mode is a critical and practical feature. While in maintenance mode, your Magento store may be temporarily disabled for testing purposes or for maintenance tasks like upgrading, bug-fixing, and so on. While your online store is in maintenance mode, customers will see a Service Temporarily Unavailable message instead of the frontend shop. However, only visitors from permitted IP addresses may access the store.


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