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    What are the Magento Best Extensions to boost sales

    Last Updated | August 30, 2023

    Magento is one of the leading web development platforms, powering hundreds of thousands of eCommerce sites across the globe. The platform is known for its high-level customization options, enabling online store owners to maximize sales and profitability.

    In recent years, Magento has made great strides in reinforcing its capabilities to continue dominating the market. The availability of hundreds of high-utility extensions is by far one of the most powerful competitive edge for Magento stores.

    As a Magento store owner, you can find all sorts of extensions you’ll ever need to completely customize the store and make it more competitive. From eCommerce optimization to accounts and finance, and from marketing to SEO there are hundreds of extensions you can integrate easily to maximize your online presence.

    However, Magento doesn’t offer any default extensions and thereby, you may need to hire a professional Magento 2 Development Company to integrate the right extensions for your store.

    Nonetheless, below we have come up with some of the Magento best extensions you can integrate to improve your online presence, increase brand awareness, boost sales, and maximize profitability. So, let’s start exploring now…

    Magento integration

    Why You Need the Magento Best Extensions?

    Magento extensions help eCommerce store owners to improve the features, and functionalities of their stores and remain competitive. Magento extensions also save on the cost for Magento B2B extension development from scratch. By integrating Magento extensions, eCommerce stores can easily improvise their store operations, improve the efficiency of workflow processes, and subsequently gain the competitive advantage to succeed.

    Below we will be discussing some of the Magento best extensions in 2021. All of the extensions mentioned below come are reliable, compatible with Magento platforms and boost higher customer ratings, and can easily be integrated with Magento customization services. For easier understanding, we have grouped the best extensions for individual tasks like accounts & finance, marketing, optimization, and others.

    All of these extensions can easily be downloaded from reliable vendors. However, before we begin, let’s quickly have a look into the do’s and don’ts of choosing the right Magento extensions for your eCommerce store.

    Magento 2 Extension – Do’s and Don’ts

    With massive demands for Magento extensions, it’s only natural to have many fake, malicious and unreliable extensions, which can lead to serious cybersecurity concerns for online stores. Thereby, before you integrate any Magento extension, make sure you know the do’s and don’ts of choosing the right extensions.


    • List down all the features you want to integrate into your eCommerce stores
    • Set aside a realistic budget for purchasing Magento extensions
    • Only choose Magento extensions that are compatible with the latest Magento versions (Magento 2)
    • Only choose extensions that are supported by developers


    • Never choose extensions that aren’t supported by development anymore
    • Don’t opt for too expensive extensions (lookout for alternatives)
    • Don’t go for extensions with bad/low customer ratings
    • Don’t download extensions from unreliable sources
    • Don’t choose extensions that are not compatible with Magento 2

    Best Magento Extensions

    Ok, enough talking. Let’s now quickly move on and see some of the best Magento extensions by different applications.

    What are the Magento best extensions for Accounts & Finance?

    Here’re some of the Magento best extensions for accounts & finance;

    –         OneSaas

    OneSaaS is one of the most powerful Magento extensions for automating accounts and finance functions of stores. The extension automates all different business apps used for various functions including billing & invoicing, eCommerce, accounting, inventory management, fulfillment, email marketing, and more. It’s also higher recommended for its ability to connect multiple sales channels to a single account.

    The extension also automates inventory stocking to ensure you never go out of stock. Lastly, by automating all data entry points including quotes, receipts, invoices, orders, stock updates, line items, customer details, and others it eliminates any chances of human errors.

    –         Tax Jar

    Tax Jar is yet another hugely popular and high-utility Magento extension that helps eCommerce stores to streamline accounting and finance functions. The extension is lightweight and easy to install. The extension automates the entire sales tax calculation, reporting, and filing tasks, thereby greatly improving the efficiency and accuracy of accounts and finance.

    Tax Jar also supports the segmentation of tax collection for the state, county, city, and other taxing authorities to ensure you stay ahead with all regulatory compliance. The extension also supports other sales channels including Amazon, eBay, and others.

    –         Embedded ERP

    Embedded ERP is a popular and easy-to-install Magento extension that assists eCommerce stores with convenient inventory stocking, and order preparation process. The extension offers a comprehensive and intuitive control panel for effective and efficient data flow management.

    Embedded ERP extension also efficiently manage accounts and finance functions of eCommerce stores, helping them manage finances and cash flow better.

    –         Saasu Accounting

    Saasu accounting makes the entire process of keeping your eCommerce store finances in check easier and easily manageable. The extension helps store owners save tons of money by keeping accurate track of all the transaction and accounts data. It can easily be integrated into Magento CMS through Magento optimization services. Some of the features included in the extension include; automated integration of inventory, bank feeds, payroll, and others.

    Magento development

    What are the Magento best extensions for your eCommerce Store?

    Here’re some of the Magento best extensions for your eCommerce stores;

    –         One Step Checkout Extension

    Cart abandonment remains one of the most prevailing and frustrating challenges for eCommerce store owners. One of the main causes of cart abandonment is the complex and seemingly unreliable checkout process. One Step checkout extension is precisely what all Magento store owners need to minimize cart abandonment and maximize conversion rate.

    This highly effective extension streamlines the entire process of checkout by collecting all relevant user information automatically and move on with a single-page checkout process. with support for 40+ payment gateways, it’s definitely one of the best Magento extensions to improve eCommerce store optimization and maximize sales.

    –         Creare SEO

    Creare SEO is a powerful Magento extension that helps store owners to optimize their stores for search engines. The extension includes various important SEO features and functionalities that ensure your website is optimized for search engine ranking criteria.

    Some of the features of the extension include; checking for duplicate content, identifying 404 error pages, HTML sitemap creation, creating unique category headings, applying 301 redirects for discounted items, adding social media schema, and others.

    The extension’s ultimate objective is to ensure compliance with search engine ranking algorithms, thereby, helping eCommerce stores to rank higher in Google ranking.

    –         Blog

    Blogs remain an important component for all eCommerce stores. Today, blogs aren’t just used for eCommerce stores to improve search engine rankings, but also as direct marketing elements. Blogs are created to announce special offerings, upcoming discounts, new products introduced, and many others. Blogs are also generated to detail users about the utility of products and establish market authority.

    You can take Magento Blog Extension as simply your silent salesman that would keep users engaged, and generate more leads for your business. The extension is also highly useful from an SEO perspective; helping eCommerce stores to gain more visibility over the internet.

    –         Social Connect Extension

    This is yet another high-utility Magento optimization extension; widely used by eCommerce stores. The social connect extension adds “Social Icons” on the login page of your store. Visitors can use these icons to directly login to the store without having to go through the cumbersome registration process by simply registering through Google or Facebook accounts.

    Given the high user preference for an easy online shopping experience, this extension is highly useful for Magento stores to increase conversion rates, and improve branding for the online stores.

    What are the Magento best extensions for Marketing?

    Here are some of the Magento best extensions for marketing;

    –         Magento 2 Instagram Connect

    Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms with millions of monthly active users. The platform has also become a highly attractive medium for businesses to advertise and promote their brands.

    Magento 2 Instagram Connect extension enables easy configuration of your store’s Instagram account to Magento 2 store. Once you install the extension, it automatically retrieves all your Instagram posts from the company profile to present in the store. The extension can be used to create a smart widget to display images anywhere on the Magento store.

    –         AdRoll

    AdRoll is one of the best advertising platforms for Magento stores. The extension can easily be integrated with Magento eCommerce stores to boost leads and sales with customized, and high-performing marketing campaigns. The intuitive, and convenient dashboard makes it easier for store owners to monitor and manage ad campaigns.

    AdRoll is a great platform for eCommerce stores to save on time, and resources required to initiate, and manage advertising campaigns. It can automatically handle the campaigns, collect the data for visitors, and serve advertisements to the right visitors. The premium version of AdRoll also helps eCommerce stores to create dynamic product ads.

    –         Zoho CRM

    Zoho CRM needs little introduction as an all-inclusive powerful eCommerce management solution. The extension can easily be integrated with Magento stores to optimize entire business functions. Zoho CRM helps Magento stores to create precise segments for different customer groups for data collection.

    It also automates data flow between different business functions to improve the efficiency of business processes. By feeding insightful customers’ data to marketing teams, Zoho CRM helps Magento stores create highly personalized, and customized marketing campaigns to improve sales and revenue.

    –         MageWorx SEO Suite Ultimate

    MageWorx SEO Suite Ultimate is a powerful search engine optimization extension that brings in advanced functionalities not previously offered. While there are various other SEO extensions available for Magento stores, MageWorx SEO Suite Ultimate remains one of the best and most comprehensive optimization solutions.

    The extension offer various store optimization tools like metatag creation, simple URL creation, XML sitemaps generations, and others. MageWorx SEO Suite Ultimate also assists the easy crawling of websites in search engines.

    What are the Magento best extensions for Optimization?

    Here are some of the Magento best extensions for Optimization;

    –         Magento 2 Google One Tap Login

    Magento 2 Google One Tap extension is a versatile online store optimization solution that not only helps improve the signup rate for Magento Stores but also enhances the customer experience by creating a streamlined checkout process.

    Magento 2 Google One Tap enables users to easily signup to the Magento stores with One-Tap without filling up frustrating forms. The Skin popup cookie functionality of the Magento 2 Google One Tap also assists in improving the customer experience, increase conversion rates, and improve sales for the Magento stores.

    –         Magento 2 AMP Extension By Plumrocket

    Customers hate slow-loading pages. According to statistics, over 90% of customers switch between websites if the page doesn’t load within 5 seconds. Fast loading web pages not only improves the customer experience for online stores, but also helps them increase conversion rates, sales, and revenue.

    The Plumrocket Magento 2 AMP extension offer Magento store owners an easy and effective way to design and implement AMP pages without having to write AMP codes.

    The Plumrocket Magento 2 AMP extension comes with advanced tools to create optimized web pages in line with Google’s AMP standards. The extension can be used to create AMP webpages for product pages, as well as, for the home page, category page, and all other CMS pages.

    Additional Tips To Boost Magento Sales

    Magento stores are famous among eCommerce businesses looking for higher sales and more revenue. Apart from the built-in features that come with the Magento platform, you can use various extensions to improve the sales and conversion rate of Magento eCommerce stores. Here are some top tips to boost the sales volume like never before. So, have a look at the tips;

    • The first step is developing fast-loading Magento web pages (the Shopify store owners can use the Shopify mobile app for this purpose). A faster loading Magento website is great for improving the search engine ranking and visibility, which leads to more sales
    • While creating the home page of the Magento website, make sure to advertise the new products in the store (yes, the new arrivals because people want the latest products). In addition, you should highlight the discount deals to captivate the customers’ attention
    • The third tip is to streamline the checkout process on your Magento website. That is because a huge chunk of customers stops purchasing the products if the checkout process is too complicated. That being said, make sure you have an easy and streamlined checkout process
    • Some stores just remove the shipping fee, but the real trick is to keep the shipping fee. Ideally, you can offer them free shipping (if that’s something you can afford) when customers buy the products of a specific amount (it pushes them to buy more products)
    • Lastly, some customers want cash on delivery while others want credit card and debit card payments. That being said, you should optimize the payment standards by adding multiple payment options. In addition, try to accept as many credit cards and debit cards as possible

    –         Slider Revolution Responsive Magento Extension

    Aesthetically pleasing, and interactive web interface are important to engage customers and improve customer experience. With the Slider revolution responsive Magento extension, it becomes easier for Magento store owners to create an interactive web interface even with zero coding experience. The extension offers an easy drag and drop feature, a navigation designer, templates for responsive designs, and much more.

    –         Mageplaza SEO extension

    If you are looking for an SEO extension for a Magento store that can automatically implement various optimization measures without any special modification, the Mageplaza SEO extension is the right tool for you. Some of the features of the Mageplaza SEO extension includes;

    • Identify duplicate content
    • Create HTML/XML sitemaps
    • Add structured data
    • SEO metadata template rules
    • Cross-links
    • SEO reports
    • Page analysis
    • Alternate tag linking; and
    • others

    Magento Migration


    How to download Magento Extensions?

    You can download Magento extensions by following the below-mentioned steps;

    • find the extension menu
    • perform a readiness check
    • Take data backup
    • Install the extension

    What is Magento 2 Blog Extension?

    Magento 2 blog extension is a high-utility tool that enables Magento store owners to easily manage all blogging features right from their eCommerce stores, without using any third-party platform.

    How to select the Magento best extensions?

    To choose the Magento best extension, make sure the app is downloaded from a reliable vendor, it should be compatible with the latest Magento versions, and should be supported by developers.

    What are the advantages of Magento Extensions?

    Magento Extensions facilitate eCommerce store owners to implement various features and functionalities including; inventory management, customer support, marketing and sales, eCommerce optimization, and others. The extensions also ensure that eCommerce stores remain competitive and thrive in a highly contested marketplace.

    How to integrate the extension with Magento stores?

    To be honest, integrating the extensions with the Magento store is pretty straightforward. However, if you don’t have the expertise, it’s best that you hire Magento or Shopify store design agency because they can help install the extensions without disturbing the overall functionality of your eCommerce store.


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