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    Last Updated | January 18, 2022

    Magento store owners are always looking for opportunities to grow and expand. There is no better time to increase Magento store sales based on the behaviors of the customers, than in the holiday season. Customers get free and have time to enjoy a routine different from their everyday lives. But how to increase holiday season sales at your Magento store is a question worth thinking about. Increasing sales at a time when competitors have an increased chance as well mean that you must put in extra effort into your Magento store to stand out. The Covid-19 pandemic has been under control to some extent so we can expect a rise in customer sales. According to surveys, customers plan on spending 15% more this holiday season than they did in the last season. You can make the most out of this golden opportunity to generate massive sales by starting to prepare for it as quickly as possible.

    Get your website prepare for Holiday Season.

    Your Magento store must be ready for the holiday season as well. You can focus on the mentioned domains for your website so that your readiness is reflected in your store as well.

    Product Inventory.

    You can manage your product inventory for the Magento store. You should have an estimate and know almost how much inventory you should carry in the store. Without accurate forecasts, you could end up having too little inventory, this will cause delays in the order fulfillment processes. If your customers are in a rush to find gifts for their loved ones, an out-of-stock sign will let them down, especially around the holiday season. Your store is at the risk of losing new first-time visitors and frequent and loyal customers who will sway away to your competitors. It is important to manage the inventory. You should make sure that you have enough stock for the increased demand in this peak season. Remember to contact your suppliers well before time before you run any promotions and make sure that all the demanding goods are stocked on time. On the contrary, if you do not forecast the demands correctly, you may also end up with multiple items that were in excess and unsalable now. A Magento store owner must avoid such inefficient activity to maximize Magento store sales. Therefore, it is important to forecast the demand by using software for analyzing customer patterns and making sure you have the right and sufficient amount of products in your inventory as per the demand. Before launching the holiday marketing campaigns, take the inventory under control, keep real-time reports of the items in your Magento store and make sure to analyze the customer buying patterns to make sure you stock the most sought-after goods to increase Magento Store sales.


    The holiday season has a market that is segmented. It means that market trends will be dictated by customer behaviors and their temporary wants. This calls for a completely different strategy on your Magento store as compared to what is generally followed throughout the calendar year on your Magento store. For the new season, you must design completely new advertisements on your social media platforms and your Magento store. The strategy must advertise what the customers want in the season so that they are attracted to the product. If you run advertisements on different social media and are finding the process repetitive, you can make use of Magento Integration Services to reflect the change data in your Magento store on your other social media platforms for stock, price, and descriptions. These services can be implemented by yourself, but if you have your hands full and have no time owing to the nearing of the season, you can prefer to Hire Magento Developers from certified companies to perform the integration.

    Promotional Items.

    For the promotional items, you must decide how you will try to spread the word about your store and your attractive offers. It is possible that the offers on your page were highly sought after, but a lack of promotion or information made you leave out the money on the table. You will have to decide whether you want to run online ads or choose to target social media platforms and target the relevant audience. You can even choose to print advertisements and in-store flyers and hand them out to the people. This option is ideal if you have a brick-and-mortar store as well.


    When the holiday season approaches, customers want items and value for them. You can add offers for increasing Magento store sales. These items add further value to the already existing items in your Magento store. For example, if you sell Christmas trees in your Magento store, you can add items for the decorations on the tree to add value. Even though the customer came with the intention of purchasing the tree, he also bought the decoration at the checkout, and this way he was exposed to new items that are relevant to the season and increased the transaction price. You need to make sure that your Magento store can cater to the customer traffic as well. People are in a rush in these seasons and expect the stores to load instantly. If the loading time is greater than 4 seconds, it is highly probable that the customer will leave your page despite needing what they liked on your page. To make sure this does not happen, make use of Magento speed optimization services to make sure that your store remains ideal and serves customers to its maximum potential. The offers can bundle together the items that are bought together and put them up for sale as a package. This provides two benefits to the Magento store owner. Firstly, they can sell items that are not so closely related to the store but may be required by the customer. This means that we can make a profit by selling items that were not generally wanted, but purchasing them through offers increased their value. This will increase the Magento store sales and allow it to profit off the increased customer behavior. Secondly, the customer will look at the added value and after seeing the decreased cost, it is highly likely that he deems the perceived value greater than the cost so he may buy the products without any hesitation.


    The performance of your Magento store sales is highly dependent on your budget. Before starting the marketing campaign, you have to decide about the advertising budget. Can you afford to put up new advertisements or if you should try to target your already loyal customers. You will also have to work out the cost of how many and what percentage of discounts you can afford to offer. You will have to set up the budget for the suppliers and any maintenance your store should require to cater to the upcoming surge in users. You can hire a Magento web development company to perform maintenance on your store to make it function smoothly.

    To make sure that your Magento store is prepared for the holiday season, you should make sure to manage the product inventory, develop a marketing strategy, offer promotions and make valuable offers and do all of this on a pre-defined and outlined budget. You can even migrate to Magento if you have a store on another platform, you can hire Folio3 for implementing Magento migration services.

    Choose the right marketing channels for the Holiday Season.

    In order to increase your Magento store sales, you should focus on the marketing channels as well, and not only on the products. The marketing of the products is equally, if not more important. You can expect your competitors to sell the same products which can result in tough competition, so if you market well enough it is highly likely that the customers would choose to buy your products and not your competitors.

    Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

    Search engine optimization is an extremely powerful tool and is a crucial tool that must be present in every e-commerce store. Magento stores today, need to have SEO to target the customers actively trying to purchase the items that we offer. If your store does not have SEO, we recommend that you hire Magento developers to integrate with n your store. The developers can integrate Elasticsearch, a very popular search engine, and perform Magento integration services for your store. The search engine will use keyword research to identify the most popular gift guide queries and then you can make use of the keywords to target the relevant customers. The identification of the customer queries provides you with the customer perspective as they search for shops, gifts, services. It can also include brands. Another important aspect most store owners forget is that customers are not only thinking about gifts and products, they also look up for logistical needs and services such as event management so these categories can also be considered if you have that set of products or services.

    Google Adwords (PPC).

    Google Adwords is another marketing tool that was very high potential. Google is used by nearly 4 billion users, you can run advertisements on the pay-per-click model. This means you only need to pay for the advertisements that are clicked. This means only relevant audiences click the advertisement and are the conversion rate is high. Google helps you target the correct client, so it is your store’s job to guide them till the checkout. This is only possible if you have an attractive and equally well-performing Magento store. You can hire Folio3, one of the best companies for e-commerce solutions, as your Magento web development company to make sure that the incoming potential customer, finds the Magento store adequate and makes a successful purchase and turns into a loyal customer, increasing the Magento store sales and increasing the store exposure.

    Social Media Marketing.

    Social media is another form of marketing that is very promising for Magento store owners. Two of the most popular social media marketing applications are Facebook and Instagram, which are also owned by Facebook.


    Facebook has over 2.7 billion active users across the world. It offers a targeted audience for almost any business. It can be used for your Magento store to find new potential customers and also reengage the already present customers. You can start to engage and build your Facebook audience so you can get the make use of your marketing ideas. The best way to do this is by being active by liking, sharing, and commenting on other posts and being consistent to build trust, predictability and increase brand exposure. Facebook has a variety of channels that can help your Magento store to reach out to your audience during the holiday seasons, a time where there is increased traffic:

    • Write posts to your Facebook Business Page. You can have them ready and uploaded at relevant times.
    • You can directly contact customers on Facebook messenger and engage in conversations with them for queries and advertisement as well.
    • On the Facebook marketplace, you can look at posts that show products that can be bought engaging with the customers on the Facebook platform.
    • Facebook groups are also a medium. Here people who have liked and followed the page are updated with posts on their Facebook feeds, with like-minded people are present in the group. You can advertise your products there as well.
    • Run Facebook advertisements as well.


    Instagram also has the potential to increase your Magento store sales revenue in this holiday season. The users of Instagram are highly engaging, and this platform statistically generates ten times more engagement than other social media platforms. This is possible as it is used by millennials. A few tips to build a good Instagram holiday strategy are:

    • Make sure you have an Instagram business account. Business accounts are able to come up with analytics that can help you in decision-making.
    • You can find influencers with the same target audience and then collaborate with them. You can pay them for shoutouts and increase the exposure of your Magento store.
    • You can share positive reviews, success stories, and pictures of satisfied customers.
    • You can make use of hashtags to boost the organic reach, join trending conversations, have engagement, and show your products to relevant audiences. These hashtags can be location-based, industry-specific, and trending, and even any custom hashtags. For example, Redbull makes use of #ItGivesYouWings as a custom hashtag.
    • You can upload stories on Instagram, Reels, and IGTV as well to express the brand and connect with the audience by video as well.
    • You can run the same ads on Facebook and Instagram or even run them separately.

     Email Marketing.

    Making use of e-mail marketing is one of the best holiday-selling e-commerce mediums. The magnitude of business does not matter, whether you are a small Magento business or an established company, you must have an e-mail marketing plan for this shopping season. The success of this technique is dependent on the content of the email content. You can use the emails to promote sales on your store, suggest gift ideas available on your store, and remind subscribers to remind them to have a good holiday ahead. You can make use of many holiday sales emails that could be:

    • Abandoned cart emails that to remind your customers to checkout of the Magento store in case they forgot.
    • Review emails that you can use to collect reviews from the Magento customers.
    • Promotional emails to give them expectations and all the best offers so that they are informed.
    • Welcome email to new customers to build a personal connection.

    You can also create a sense of urgency on the email marketing by adding a “Buy Now” button and highlighting any limited offers you have that will redirect the customers to your Magento store instantly.

    The marketing channel depends upon the nature of your store. You can use SEO tools and search engines such as Elasticsearch by taking Magento Integration services by a Magento web development company. You can make use of Google AdWords, market the store and products on Facebook and Instagram and also run an email marketing campaign.

    Create Targeted Landing Pages for Holiday Season.

    E-commerce store owners make detrimental mistakes of not developing custom landing pages for the products and services of their Magento stores. In the holiday seasons, it is a must to have a campaign-specific page to help with the theme of holidays. You can inform users what you are offering and that it is limited for this season to create urgency. Make sure your landing page is optimized for speed as the redirection may lead to users leaving your landing page. You can perform Magento speed optimization services on the Magento store by certified developers. The landing pages provide the customers with a visualization of the offers as they have all the detail and have to call the buy action without focusing on anything else. The landing pages increase conversion rates for holiday seasons. To make attractive landing pages with high conversion rates make sure you have the best interface by having:

    • Only essential text so that the users like the minimalist design and only read what they want.
    • An interface to make the page readable so they identify the content of the page at a glance.
    • A strategically place the “Buy button”.
    • Clear instructions for purchase and discounts.
    • A timer to create a thrill.
    •  The principles of effective human-computer interaction applied.
    • A fast-loading page. Make sure it has Magento speed optimization services, especially for smartphone users. 50% of the e-commerce sales are achieved on smartphones so make sure the page is mobile-optimized to achieve success in achieving increased Magento store sales in the holiday seasons.

    Offer Special Discounts to Loyal Customers.

    Loyal customers are the backbone of a sustainable business. You can treat them with a holiday gift

    with special discounts to your best customers on the things, they purchase in this holiday season. This is a viable business decision as customer conversion costs more to acquire a new customer than to customer retention. Another instance of loyal customers is that they can increase the exposure by referrals of your Magento store that in turn increases the Magento store sales. You can offer your loyal customers by giving them gifts, special discounts, limited vouchers, gift-wrapping services, and a buy one get one deal. When you offer your loyal customers a holiday discount, it is a sign of gratitude and an act of showing thankfulness towards these special customers throughout the year.

    Offer Gift Cards.

    The holiday season is a great time to increase conversion rates to your websites. You can offer customers gift cards for free or they can even purchase gift cards for their loved ones over the internet so that the receivers can use the gift to shop for whatever they want from your Magento store. Gift cards can boost order values and also increase post-holiday Magento store sales. Make sure that the gift cards you provide are based on specific occasions and based on personalization. The Magento 2 gift cards help you customize cards for holiday seasons and even allow buyers to decide the amount and a personalized message. Remember to actively market the gift cards even late in the holiday season as last-minute buyers are another segment gift cards can target.  These gift cards can increase the Magento store sales by helping frequent buyers save effort and time. It also attracts new customers, who are the receivers of the gift cards to shop at your Magento store.

    Offer Free Shipping.

    Offering free shipping in the holiday seasons can help your store stand out from the competition. New customers will always be attracted to such offers. If you offer free shipping and your competitor does not, you can even sway customers away from their store and redirect them to your Magento store, this will significantly increase the Magento store sales. When you ship products you could even consider adding some surprise items, such as flowers, chocolates, or some gift which will make their shipping experience memorable in the holiday seasons.

    Cross Sell.

    The months that trail up to the holiday are a great time that can suggest items that can add value to the product or services that the customers are already purchasing. For instance, if a customer bought earrings for their mom last year, you can suggest them another matching necklace. These to-go suggestions carriers can increase the Magento store sales and the average transaction prices and it is highly likely that if the suggestion is relevant, the customer may purchase it after you also give them a holiday offer. Cross-selling is an innovative way to add monetary value to the customer’s purchase, increase the customer perceived value, and increase holiday sales.

    Final Words.

    As winter holidays are around the corner, it is the perfect time that Magento store owners to start to prepare and plan for their holiday marketing plans. The planning will take time and effort but thanks to the Magento store, it provides features to help you through this phase. On your end, you can increase the holiday sales for your Magento store by getting your store ready for the plan. You must manage the product inventory, develop a marketing strategy, have promotional items, put together valuable offers, and do this planning after you allocate a budget. To get your store ready, you can also use a Magento Web development company to update the Magento store for the best customer experience. You will have to choose effective marketing channels. You can make use of SEO, Google PPC advertisements, social media marketing, and email marketing to provide the best exposure of your Magento store and products to target new and loyal customers.


    How to Hire Magento Developers in the US?

    If you want to hire Magento developers in the USA, you can follow this step by step process:

    1. Research for Magento developers on Magento.
    2. Review the ratings of the developers to check user satisfaction levels.
    3. Review the portfolio of the developers to evaluate their capacity and skills.
    4. Contact their previous clients and gather feedback.
    5. Decide whether the developers are fit for approval.
    6. Arrange a meeting with them and specify your Magento solution requirements.
    7. Review some demonstrations they provide.
    8. Observe their responses and finalize whether they are fit to be employed.
    9. Discuss the payment policies and finalize the deal.

    Hiring Magento developers is a tough task. It is due to lack of experience for evaluation, lack of time for evaluation, costs of evaluation, and a lack of technical knowledge. To save your resources, it is best you get into contact with the nearest office of Folio3 in the USA. Folio3 has offices in Belmont, California – 1301 Shoreway Road, Suite 160, Belmont, CA 94002 and Pleasanton, California – 6701 Koll Center Parkway, #250 Pleasanton, CA 94566.

    Is Magento Speed Optimization Services affordable?

    Magento speed optimization services are generally dependent upon the service provider, the Magento store, and the client’s time constraint. These three are highly variable. The charges can be as low as $600 and up to $10,000. However, Folio3 is not dependent on these highly fluctuating costs and provides affordable Magento speed optimization services. As the holiday season approaches, you can optimize the store for smartphones to increase customer satisfaction levels and guide them from the moment they land, to the moment they checkout. This is possible as the functionality of the store becomes swift after the service.

    What is Magento Migration Service?

    Magento Migration Service is a service provided by software companies to Magento store owners. This service performs Magento migration services on the Magento 1 store and migrates the store to a new Magento 2 target store. The transfer includes databases, extensions, functionalities, and storefronts. This service requires technical expertise or else the results may be disastrous and may result in data loss if carried out incorrectly. To perform this migration, you can hire Magento developers from Folio3 to perform this service expertly, affordable and quick.

    Does Folio3 provide Magento Web Development?

    Yes, Folio3 has been providing Magento web development services for well over a decade. Folio3 has been the prime e-commerce solution provider worldwide. They are well known as they have even provided services to Fortune500 companies. Folio3 provides several benefits over other Magento web development companies.

    Extensive experience.

    Folio3 has over 20+ years of experience in the field of e-commerce solutions. They have been providing Magento website development services to all scopes of clients.

    Affordable packages.

    Folio3 has employees that have been in this business for over 20 years. The business model of the company has a very high maturity level. Perhaps level 5 as now they have optimized the process. The company can afford to provide subsidized rates as compared to the competitors. As a Magento web development company, they can provide you with Magento integration services, Magento migration services, Magento speed optimization services, and store development. Such packages are quite valuable and affordable.

    Following international standards.

    To make the final product of high quality, the process must be well defined and followed. Folio3 has its own standards that it developed with the experience of 15+ years and the company also abides by the latest international standards such as ISO 9001. The results of the company reflect the consistently well-performing products that suit clients ranging from fortune500 companies to small startups as well.

    Magento certified developers.

    Folio3 possesses over 50+ Magento certified developers who develop solutions for clients. The company also has 30+ active extensions on the Magento store that are verified by Magento themselves. The developers are certified and experienced so they make use of coding practices such as increasing code reusability, reducing code redundancy, following international standards for projects, and making use of efficient code. These practices make sure the solutions are effective and relatively have a lower operational and development cost. The developers can also track trends and develop the store accordingly, hiring them to update your Magento store for the holiday season would be a wise choice as it would offer a high return on investment.

    SEO optimization for Magento.

    Folio3 develops Magento solutions which include built-in search engine optimization. They provide Magento integration services with Elasticsearch which helps in SEO. This feature helps the customers access what they required accurately and helps them discover the products that they are expected to access. This visualization of products in real-time suits the user’s needs and makes navigation easy for them.

    Timely project delivery.

    Companies generally struggle in delivering projects before the deadlines. This is because of lack of experience, an inadequate workforce, and reworks after errors. Folio3 faces no such shortfalls.Folio3 has always delivered solutions before deadlines and will surely do so thanks to their exclusive and extensive benefits that are not available elsewhere in the market. Timely delivery issues make sure the Magento store is back up and running and has minimal downtime. This means clients can resume business activities as quickly as possible.

    Customization as per the client.

    Companies generally can develop software solutions without any problems, but the problem is that after development, the solution is nowhere near the requirements of the client. This leaves the client with software that does not concur with their business needs. Folio3 ensures that the final Magento store is in accordance with the clients’ business goals and helps them achieve the goals for their Magento store.

    You should definitely hire Folio3 as your Magento web development company as you are now aware of their advantages.


    Folio3, a Software Powerhouse established in 2005, is one of the leading eCommerce solution providers for SMBs and Fortune 500. The Company has expertise in diverse industries such as Animal Care, Retail, Automotive, Food and Agriculture, and Health care. From ecommerce store design and development to full-scale ERP deployment and integration, Folio3 has done it all.