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    Last Updated | April 30, 2021

    When you have already chosen Magento as your eCommerce platform, why is choosing the development company an important decision? Don’t all of them offer the same development services? The answer is no, they don’t.

    If Magento is like the architect you hire to build your store, imagine the Magento development company to be the one that invests in the skills of that architect. Can any two architects be the same? Will they build exactly the same website for you at the same cost? Even if you give a low-skilled architect more money and resources, he still can’t let the resources cover what he is lacking in skills.

    This is why it is critical for you to choose the best development services to build your eCommerce store for you, even better than how you have envisioned it. Let us discuss how you can find and choose which Magento development company in the US is the best for you.

    Refine Your Requirements

    This is the first step that you have to take even before you start looking for the best development company. Different Magento development companies may be good in their respective industries. They may be good at specific things. Your clearly defined requirements will help you determine which company is the best for you.

    Once you have determined all the features you need in your eCommerce store and have a clear vision of what you want your store to look like, you can then move on further. This was in the circumstance that you wanted to build a Magento store from scratch. What if you already have an eCommerce store? In that case, you will need to find a company that can offer you Magento migration services so that you can easily move your store to Magento. What if you already have a Magento store and only want to add more features and further optimize your store? For this, you will need Magento optimization services or customization services.

    Set Your Budget

    You know how much you can afford to spend on your Magento eCommerce store and you should clearly define your budget for your own benefit. However, you should remember that good development services do not come cheap because they will have the best certified Magento developers and other human resources that will be a part of the team assigned to your project. You should ideally set a budget that is at least 5% of your revenue to be able to make an eCommerce store that is good enough for your business.

    Start Your Research

    Now that you have your requirements are clear and you have defined your budget, you can start your research to look for the best Magento development company in the United States, or rather one that works out to be the best choice for you. During your research, you will have to ask yourself certain questions about what you want from the company that you are looking to hire. For instance, how experienced do you want the company to be? Do you want it to have been around for a while or are you okay with a new company that has done some innovative work? Everyone has different needs and you will have to figure out what works for your website.

    You can further narrow down your research by knowing how many certifications you want the company to have. Do you want it to be a Magento Solutions Partner or are you okay with a simple Magento certified agency? How big should the company be? The number of developers an agency has does matter because it determines how soon you will get your eCommerce store up and running!

    Different development companies use different kinds of technologies and you will have to decide what technology you need for your Magento store. Obviously, the company that is up to date with the latest innovations and technology will offer better service but it will also come at a higher price. So you can do your research properly and then narrow down the companies that solve your issues. For instance, if you already have a Magento eCommerce store that you wish to revamp, you will need an experienced company providing Magento customization services and staying on top of technological trends and innovations.

    What Does The Portfolio Look Like?

    Now that you have narrowed your search down, you can get ready to choose from it. But even before the portfolio, you should look at the website itself. The best Magento development company should be having an easy user interface, stunning graphics, and basically should be able to give you a memorable experience. If the website itself shows glitches, chances are that it is not the best choice.

    After you are certain the website looks great, you should have a look at their portfolio to see the Magento eCommerce stores that they have already developed. This will help you determine if the stores they build are similar to what you have in mind. Even if that is not the case, it can help you gauge what the company is capable of doing in terms of functionality and complexity of features in the eCommerce stores, and whether it aligns with what you want for your Magento store.

    What Do The Customers Say?

    After checking out the portfolio, the next important step is to check what the current clients and customers have to say about the company. What do the testimonials say? This tells you a lot about the level of customer satisfaction and whether the customers remain loyal or they go elsewhere for other projects. We should be careful while inspecting testimonials, however, because all organizations will only put up the best testimonials they have. So it is always better to have a first-hand account of what the customer really thinks if you want to go into that much detail.

    What Does The Magento Agency Do About Data Security?

    Trust is an extremely important factor when it comes to choosing your Magento development services. It has to be a company that you can trust. This means the company should ideally have a good reputation and it should ask to sign a mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) to protect your ideas and data. The best of companies will never hesitate upon signing an NDA, and in fact, will agree that it is in the best interest of both organizations.

    Other than this, you should also make sure that you own the intellectual property rights and that the code will be transferred to you. Good Magento development companies will always make you feel secure right from the get-go.

    What About Their Contribution To The Magento Community?

    A good Magento development company will be an active contributor to the massive Magento community, be it in the form of extensions and integrations, or even just support and help. This gives you another factor to further narrow down your options so that you arrive at the best Magento development services. You can also check if employees and staff from the company make it a point to attend various Magento community events locally. This includes conferences, Magento meetups, events as well as online communities. You basically have to ascertain whether the company you are choosing has a strong social media presence.

    Communication and Location

    As the world dynamics are changing and the corporate world has increasingly started working from home, there may be location and language barriers. Choose a company that lets you deal with personnel that you are comfortable with and can understand well. Good Magento development companies have resources that are fluent in the universal language and since they have employees in many parts of the world they can always assign you someone you will be comfortable with.

    Testing and Deployment

    This final stage before your application is rolled out is as important as the development itself. Look for a company with an excellent QA department because that will determine how your product is tested and whether it is bug-free when it is finally rolled out. At this point, you also have to determine which company will develop your eCommerce store for you in the time that you have without compromising on quality. You also have to ensure that you are choosing a company with ongoing maintenance and support so that you don’t have to worry about maintaining your store and fixing bugs unless you have in-house experts who can handle this for you.

    At this point, you should be left with only a couple of US-based companies on your list and you can talk to them and see who fits your version of the best Magento development services. This means you have to ask them specific questions to determine whether they are the perfect company for you in terms of budget, process, development, testing, and time frame.


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