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    How to Create the Best Car Dealer Website Design in Magento: Tips and Tricks

    Last Updated | December 10, 2023

    Best Car Dealer Website Design in Magento

    If you are a vehicle dealer, you are certainly aware of the poor foot traffic that dealerships are seeing. But do you understand why that is? This is due to the fact that current vehicle buyers prefer to first browse a dealership’s website. To increase traffic and interact with potential consumers, you need an effective car dealership website design.

    However, you cannot create a website by yourself. You’ll require qualified experience from a web development agency. You can determine what your viewing market needs with the help of expert knowledge. Your business’s theme should be reflected in the design of your auto dealer website. For illustration, if you operate a dealership that specializes in premium cars, classic cars, or a specific automaker.

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    What Is The Importance Of A Responsive Car Dealer Website Design?

    The consumer behavior for car dealerships is rapidly changing, just like the digital advertising landscape.

    Here are a few statistics that demonstrate the need for the car dealership’s website to be both functional and attractive.

    1. Only one in three prospective automobile purchasers is certain of the specific car they want to buy.
    2. 95% of car customers get their information from web resources.
    3. 76% of people looking to buy a new or used vehicle conduct a Google search before making a purchase, which is two times more automotive customers than those who start their research at a dealer.
    4. In the course of their search, customers of automobiles visit 4.2 websites on average.
    5. The typical automobile consumer uses a mobile device for 33% of their research time.
    6. During their search, prospective car buyers spend 14 hours online on average.

    These figures make it simple to understand the value of having a website for a vehicle dealership. It’s because, despite how fantastic your cars are, you won’t be able to spread the news without a digital presence.

    If you are looking to develop the best car dealership website on magento, you can reach out to Folio3 for all the experts help you need.

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    What are the Key Features Of A Responsiveness Car Dealer Website Design?

    Similar to the majority of eCommerce websites, 60% of today’s vehicle buyers use dealership websites through their mobile devices. Because of this, you must give your customers a flawless mobile navigation experience if you want to wow them.

    The prospective consumer wants to learn as much as they can about whatever they are looking for when they visit a dealership website. For the benefit of potential clients, you need a straightforward yet quite elegant website, so:

    1. Customers can browse your website rapidly, which increases traffic. because car shoppers didn’t have the money to thoroughly browse the website.
    2. With a home page that is better segmented and easier to read, you can offer a better customer experience. Customers anticipate a visually appealing theme in addition to prepared visual content.
    3. Customers can readily see the CTA buttons, especially if the website design is for a used car business, which produces more leads and sales.

    A vehicle dealership cannot afford to lose clients as a result of a sluggish website or overstuffed information. To improve consumer retention, website traffic, and—most crucially—conversions, it is imperative to implement a digital marketing plan with the assistance of an agency.

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    How To Build The Best Car Dealer Website Design?

    What should you do now that you are aware of how important a website is? It is your responsibility as a vehicle dealership to astonish the consumer and offer them a one-stop-shop for all of their automotive requirements. How do you manage that? by creating a good website for a car dealer.

    The following characteristics of the best car dealer website design:

    • Flexible Web Design

    We already know that the majority of prospective buyers explore various car dealership websites on their mobile phones, therefore your website needs to work well on all platforms, including PCs, tablets, smartphones, and any other comparable devices.

    It is less likely that your website will show up in Google’s search engine results if it is not user-responsive. Because Google currently accounts for more than 60% of all vehicle searches, the search engine rewards responsive websites.

    Watch out for web design companies that focus on online markets and eCommerce.

    • Add All The Possible Contact Credential

    You must make sure that your dealership’s website contains all of the pertinent and readily available information. Your contact information should be visible to anyone visiting your website so they may reach you right away.

    Without pertinent information, consumers can visit a website run by a rival. Your pertinent data includes:

    • Contact Number

    Your phone number should ideally be listed at the bottom of your website so that it can be seen on every page. Customers don’t return to a certain web page simply to check your contact information, thus they want it to be available on every page.

    • Address and Pin Location

    You want to make sure that potential clients can find your dealership with ease. Knowing your particular location will make it much simpler for them to stop by and have a test drive if they find certain cars on your website they like. Additionally, you ought to show a map and sync your location with Google Maps.

    • Open Hours

    The operating hours of your dealership should also be listed on the website. You must make it simple for others to stop by your dealership if necessary. Customers won’t likely bother to inquire about your business hours. They are free to drop by. Therefore, customers ought to be aware of your business hours. Finding a nearby dealership might get rid of them.

    • A Contact Form Or Email Address

    Consider a visitor to your website who needs to contact you for some reason. A contact form or email address should always be provided on the website, usually along with additional means of getting in touch.

    Some individuals might think that providing your phone number is sufficient, but others would prefer to get in touch with you via email. You can carefully position vital information with the aid of an expert website design company for auto dealers.

    • High-Performing SEO

    SEO is a must if there even is one for increasing website traffic. With the aid of all the relevant data, colors, fonts, and visual appeal, your site can be effectively optimized. You need to improve your dealership’s local search page rankings. You can even list yourself in directories of nearby auto dealers.

    The first step to increasing prospects and subsequently revenues is to have a positive SEO impact. For instance, you must provide the identity of the producer in your search ads if you are purchasing an Aston Martin. Your dealership listing ought to be seen by people trying to purchase an Aston Martin.

    • Optimized Landing Page

    Several car dealerships have the right landing pages, but they are missing several crucial components that are necessary to increase website traffic. incorrect meta tags and titles, as one example. For instance, if a dealership sells used Ford cars, Ford cannot be the only word in the meta title.

    If you are selling in a specific area, it needs to say “Used Fords.” Additionally, you ought to include the location, e.g., “Used Fords in New York.” By correctly classifying your landing pages into several groups, you may improve them even more.

    ‘Used vehicles,’ ‘old cars,’ ‘vintage automobiles,’ and ‘new cars,’ for instance. These categories need to have relevant CTA buttons that are noticeable enough to draw customers in.

    • Forms for Vehicle Inquiries

    Online car inquiry forms must be available on your website. It should be simple for someone to get in touch with a knowledgeable salesperson if they are interested in a specific car. Customers can, however, dial a service agent.

    But filling out an inquiry form and getting all the information you can about the car itself is always simpler. To save time while visiting a showroom, buyers can use an inquiry form as a proactive measure.

    • Add A Lot Of Pictures

    The desire of people to view images when looking at cars online. They want to be able to view a vehicle’s inside and out on their laptop or mobile device.

    Consequently, you are unable to post a single image. In order for customers to form a more informed opinion, you must take high-definition photos from every angle available and share them.

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    Top 5 Car Dealer Website Magento Theme Designs

    Here is the best car dealer website design that you may browse through for inspiration or to have something customized for your needs in terms of vehicle rental services created.

    1. Motor – Car Services Magento Theme
    2. Carilli – Car Tuning Magento Theme
    3. Wheels and Tyres Magento Theme
    4. Car Wheels Online Store Magento Theme
    5. Successful Auto Dealers Magento Theme


    Without a digital presence, it may be impossible for a vehicle dealership to survive. Therefore, you want the best car dealer website design to keep your rivals at bay and create a channel of active connection with your current and new clients.

    You may establish yourself as an authority on the entire automotive sector via the best car dealer website design, which will help you win the trust of your target audience. If you’re able to create a cutting-edge website for your dealership, you can lead the way in creative solutions in the dealership business, where there is fierce competition.

    Because the only way to surpass your competitors is to have a usable dealership website that has the trust of your customers, the future of auto dealerships is completely digital, but the more we invest in the business websites now, the more it will pay off five years from now.

    Key Steps to Consider for Car Dealership Website Design

    Steps Description
    Objectives and Requirements Identify goals and required features.
    Choose the Right CRM System Select a scalable, industry-specific CRM.
    Customization for Automotive Industry Tailor the CRM for car dealership needs.
    Integration with Website Ensure smooth CRM-website integration.
    Data Migration and Clean-Up Migrate and organize customer data.
    User Training Train staff and provide ongoing support.
    Automate Workflows Streamline tasks and automate workflows.
    Mobile Accessibility Enable mobile access for on-the-go management.
    Integration with Marketing Tools Connect CRM with marketing tools.
    Real-time Analytics and Reporting Implement real-time analytics for informed decisions.
    Security and Compliance Ensure data security and regulatory compliance.
    Continuous Improvement Regularly assess and improve CRM effectiveness.
    Integrate with Other Systems Connect CRM with other dealership tools


    Q. Does Folio3 offer services to develop a Magento website for a Car dealership?

    Folio3 is one of the leading Magento web development services offering you the best quality and quantity of all kinds of Magento services to any and every small or large business willing to make an online presence with success, including Car dealerships.

    We deal in all kinds of Magento 2 integrations and have the best pricing plans for businesses to hire Magento 2 Developers.

    Q. Can Magento 2 integrations be done for a Car dealership website?

    A. Magento 2 is an open-source size-inclusive and industry-inclusive eCommerce platform.  The certified developers and certified agency partners with all the experts help you in all kinds of Magento 2 integration for your car dealership website to be the success you want it to be.


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