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    How to Become a Wholesale Vendor Using an Online Shopify Store

    Last Updated | January 16, 2024

    Introduction: How to become a wholesale vendor online on shopify

    Selling wholesale has become more popular in recent years as it creates opportunities for you to establish relationships with retailers and gain recognition for your brand.

    Establishing an online store for your wholesale business is even better as it is far easier to manage your wholesale business online. You would only have to focus your efforts on your product design and beautifying your brand instead of looking for customers and worrying about the sales of your products.

    Luckily, you can easily become a wholesale vendor using an online Shopify store. There are multiple ways you can create your wholesale Shopify store and what you will choose will depend on your context. Even though you can get good services from good Shopify partners; if you wish to hire one, we would recommend getting Shopify theme customization costs for ease of budgeting.

    How to Become a Wholesale Vendor Using an Online Shopify Store - Shopify development

    How Do I Start a Wholesale Business with the Help of a Shopify Store?

    Whether you already have a wholesale business up and running or are just starting one, at some point you must have thought about using an online store to continue your wholesale business.

    For that, Shopify is an outstanding e-commerce platform. With Shopify Website Development for Wholesaler, you can develop a separate Shopify store for your wholesale business.

    For developing a store to sell your products via retailers, you will have to create a store through Shopify website development for wholesalers that is protected by a password. This way, only your retailers can place orders at a discounted price.

    There are other options too if you already have a Shopify store with direct-to-customer product service and want to create a separate channel for your wholesale business.

    The simplest option is to create a new store with a different URL and make it password-protected.

    Additionally, you can also consider upgrading your store to Shopify Plus to take advantage of its wholesale channel feature. In Shopify Plus, you will have the feature to create a separate channel for your wholesale business that is password protected.

    Furthermore, you can use the wholesale app in Shopify to create a wholesale channel in your store.

    Through the Shopify wholesale app development, you can develop the app version of your store and use various Shopify apps, like Wholesale Club it.

    Wholesale Club breaks up your retail customers into categories and each is assigned its specific discount or prices. Thus, you won’t have to go through the burden of assigning each retailer their specific discount price. With this app, only customers with a verified retailer account will be able to deal with you. This creates a secure wholesale channel for you.

    How to Become a Wholesale Vendor Using an Online Shopify Store - Shopify integration

    How Do I Become a Product Distributor?

    Becoming a product distributor is a highly rewarding venture with few risks involved. The path to becoming a distributor will vary and depend on the industry you are interested in, the place where you live, and how much capital you are willing to invest.

    Identify the industry you would like to work in. You must decide what you will be selling and who your customers will be. After choosing the industry you would like to serve, register your business legally so that you can avoid discrepancies in the future. You would likely have to contact your local government center for business and ask for information about the procedure.

    Once your business is legally registered, begin searching for potential manufacturers and suppliers that handle the products you are interested in distributing. After identifying such a manufacturer, apply to be a distributor with them.

    At this stage, you will have to agree on the terms of the relationship and sign a contract with the manufacturer. After they accept as a distributor, you can start working as a distributor and move products around from the manufacturer to buyers.

    One last important tip is to build relationships with manufacturers. You should work professionally with them as these relationships are a key part of maintaining a healthy business. They will trust you with the work and may provide further contracts to work with them for longer.

    How to Become a Wholesale Vendor Using an Online Shopify Store - Shopify migration

    How Do Wholesale Vendors Work on the Shopify Store?

    There are basically two ways wholesale vendors work on the Shopify store. You can start with the simplest method (Discount Codes) or directly create a whole storefront.

    The first and easiest way wholesale vendors work on Shopify stores is through discount codes. You can simply generate discount codes, put them on products and give them to wholesale customers.

    You can either offer the same discount code for all the products or set up different discount codes for specific products.

    Setting up the same discount code for all the products will make it easy for customers to buy as they will have only one discount code to use.

    Meanwhile, setting up different discount codes for specific products is useful if you can’t give the same percentage discount on every product. However, if you have lots of products, then setting up a different discount code for every product can become inconvenient.

    The second way wholesale vendors work is through creating a separate channel. This is available only on the Shopify Plus plan.

    You can create a Shopify wholesale channel, which is a password-protected storefront for your customers. In this channel, your customers can see all your products at their discounted prices.

    How Much Does a Wholesale Distributor Make Online?

    An average wholesale distributor has a salary of $68,592 as of June 28th, 2021. The salary range of wholesale distributors typically falls between $47,977 and $77,518. However, salary ranges can largely vary depending on many factors, such as the education of the distributor, additional skills of the distributor, and the experience of the distributor in the field.

    How Shopify Helps Distributors Generate Revenue?

    Shopify helps product distributors generate revenue in many ways. It has built many features to aid distributors in their business.

    Namely, Shopify allows distributors to have a separate channel for their business. They can also protect their business channel with a password for secure dealings.

    Shopify makes sure that the retailers have an approved account to buy from distributors. This helps you in preventing nasty scams from dubious retailers.

    In addition to that, you can design, decorate, and beautify your online business website, through Shopify Website Design for Wholesaler. A well-designed online store will appeal to and attract more retail customers, generating more revenue.

    Moreover, you can integrate other apps with your Shopify distribution business, through Shopify integration services for wholesalers. You can use apps to add an extra layer of protection for your product distribution store or to help you create price tags on various products. This sets up an organized store that will generate great revenue.

    Shopify also allows you to connect with experts in your field through Shopify Experts for Wholesale Business to learn from them and improve your business.

    What is the Best Wholesale Business to Start?

    The best wholesale business totally depends on the products you want to sell. You can choose any industry and any product to sell.

    Popular wholesale businesses include jewelry wholesale business, textile products distribution, non-dairy wholesaler, and beauty product distribution business. These are some of the low-risk options you can choose from which will also bring you high profits.

    What Wholesale Items Sell Best on Shopify?

    Jewelry items have been selling in extensive amounts on Shopify. The kinds of jewelry that have been selling best are hoop earrings, pendant necklaces, and print-on-demand engraved jewelry. Besides jewelry items, clothing and footwear have also been selling in big numbers. These items include jeans and shorts, socks, and sandals.

    Furthermore, home décor items have been selling increasingly on Shopify. It has become a significant sector of the wholesale market and continues to expand. Home décor items, such as doormats, wall accents, and table showpieces, are among the trending products to sell in 2021 on Shopify.

    What Business Has the Highest Success Rate on Shopify in the USA, UK, Canada, and Australia?

    In the USA, the most successful Shopify business is women’s fashion and clothing.

    The business that has the highest success rate on Shopify in the UK is clothing, accessories, and footwear.

    In Canada, the furniture business on Shopify has the highest success rate.

    In Australia, businesses regarding electronic devices like computers and mobile phones have the highest success rate on Shopify.

    FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

    How to start a wholesale business at home on Shopify’s online e-commerce platform?

    To start a wholesale business, you’ll have to choose and research which product you want to sell. After you have chosen the product, you set up your business store on Shopify through Shopify Website Development for Wholesalers and start your business from your home.

    You can design your Shopify wholesale store to attract customers and improve SEO so that your website ranks well in search engines.

    How to become a wholesaler for clothing on the Shopify development platform?

    To become a wholesaler for clothing on Shopify, you must have a business plan. Moreover, it is preferable to have a contract signed with a clothing company to work with.

    You can easily set up a wholesale store website on Shopify. Make sure that the website is well-designed to attract retail customers. Be wary of the latest fashion trends, so your products are sold in tremendous amounts.

    How to approach a company to become a distributor online?

    To approach a company, you must make sure that you have an up and running inventory. Your distributing business must also be authorized and legal, for which you will have to get a license.

    After this, you can write an email to the company. Make sure that you use polite and formal language and that the grammar and spellings are correct. You can also attach files about your business or post a link to your website.

    How to become a wholesale car dealer through an online Shopify e-commerce platform?

    First, you will need a wholesale car dealer license, for which you will have to go to your State’s Department of Motor Vehicles and follow their instructions for obtaining a license.

    Then, register your business so that you can start your wholesale business legally. After this, you can start your wholesale car dealing by looking for companies to work with. You can set up your Shopify wholesale store and deal with retailers online.

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