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    Fraud Analysis Now Indicates When a Fraud Recommendation is Unavailable

    Last Updated | June 4, 2024

    Shopify’s fraud analysis assists in identifying potentially fraudulent orders. Certain types of transactions, such as those processed offline, do not receive fraud recommendations. The order details page now provides enhanced clarity by indicating when a fraud recommendation is not available for an order. This helps to ensure that merchants are aware of the limitations of fraud analysis and can take appropriate action.

    Fraud is a common concern for online retailers, as it can result in financial losses and damage to reputation. To combat this issue, Shopify offers a robust fraud analysis tool that assists merchants in identifying potentially fraudulent orders. With features such as machine learning algorithms and manual review options, the fraud analysis tool has been proven effective in detecting and preventing fraudulent transactions.

    However, as with any technology, there are limitations to what the fraud analysis tool can do. One limitation is that certain types of transactions may not receive a fraud recommendation. These include offline transactions or those processed through third-party payment gateways that do not integrate with Shopify’s fraud detection system.

    To address this issue, Shopify has recently updated its fraud analysis tool to provide enhanced clarity for merchants. Now, when an order does not receive a fraud recommendation, the order details page will clearly indicate that a recommendation is unavailable. This helps merchants understand the limitations of the fraud analysis tool and take appropriate action.

    Risk indicators continue to be accessible for these orders. Learn more about fraud analysis.


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