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    Last Updated | September 10, 2021

    With the rapid advancement of digitalization, customers are increasingly looking for a smoother and more interactive online shopping experience. The massive competition in the online marketplace means eCommerce stores need to remain on their toes to enhance customer experience or risk losing business to competitors.

    Back in the day, online shopping was mainly restricted to web browsers. However, today mobile commerce has become the biggest channel for online sales, forcing eCommerce stores to move on to mobile applications to deliver a seamless shopping experience to customers. However, as the technology progresses, there are newer ways eCommerce businesses are leveraging to enhance customers’ shopping experience, and Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) are the latest innovation in the market.

    Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) are becoming widely popular amongst online shoppers given their highly responsive interface and interactive user experience. In particular, PWA offer Magento store owners with better opportunity to develop highly responsive, easy to create, and low-cost apps to increase sales and revenues.

    What is Magento PWA?

    Magento Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) is a set of tools that enable online store owners to develop and maintain Progressive Web Application for Magento 2. The PWA package for Magento includes various tools, including Venia-UI, PWA buildpack, peregrine, and others, to ease the development process of progressive web applications.

    What are the Benefits Of Magento PWA

    With progressive web applications, Magento store owners get to enhance their website’s user experience by offering a faster and smoother shopping experience. Perhaps, the best part about PWAs for Magento store owners is its ability to work offline, vastly improving chances for online merchants to increase sales and revenues. Furthermore, progressive web applications also enable Magento store owners to increase conversions through customers’ re-engagement.

    One of the best examples reflecting the potential of Magento PWA is the Indian clothing brand EthnicSmart. After launching its progressive web apps, the brand saw a massive increase of over 19,000 followers in less than a month.

    The success of PWA lies in its future-proof vision that sees mobile commerce completely dominating online shopping. In that scenario, it would be essential for all eCommerce stores to maintain an omni channel presence to compete and sustain in a market dominated by mobile commerce.


    The most significant benefit of Magento PWA is that it enables store owners to combine the worlds of mobile apps and desktop browsing. To put it simply, with Magento PWA, you can leverage the speed of online browsing and features of native apps at the same time, thus vastly improving the user experience and performance. This essentially means that you are combining the powers of online stores with mobile apps for multiple platforms.

    As an online merchant, Magento PWA enables you to eliminate limitations on adding new apps to your eCommerce store, including time and money limitations. All while you are better placed to engage customers with app-like engagement features, irrespective of the device used for shopping. With the widespread popularity of Magento PWA, you can quickly locate Magento web development companies that can help you create a functional and aesthetically pleasing PWA for your Magento store.

    With the right Magento PWA, you can be sure of not losing customers to a poor user experience. Some of the benefits of Magento PWA for online stores include;

    • Quicker webpages loading speed
    • Offline support
    • Seamless optimization for all devices
    • Reliable and convenient payment options
    • Push notifications


    Even with the best of design and products, your chances of earning revenues are zero if customers aren’t able to locate you over the internet. This simply means that if your store isn’t visible, it won’t thrive. Search engine optimization (SEO) is the best digital marketing technique that enables businesses to achieve higher search engine ranking, increase visibility, and enhance web traffic when it comes to getting online visibility. That’s one reason why all eCommerce web development platforms stressed great importance to SEO features, and Magneto PWA is no exception.

    Magento PWA comes with robust built-in SEO features that enable store owners to improve visibility and increase conversion optimization for their stores. Also, various other traditional SEO features help store owners optimize their Progressive Web Apps for better visibility and increased traffic.

    If you are already implementing SEO techniques for your online store, you won’t need to change anything for the PWA. In fact, Magento PWA will only further optimize your website for better ranking and visibility with its powerful built-in SEO features. The only important consideration here is to ensure that your Magento PWA is set to “Indexable.”

    Magento PWA: Pricing

    While Magento PWA enables online merchants to increase conversions and maximize sales, it’s also one of the most affordable ways to achieve it. With Magento PWA, you are essentially required to invest in just one application that works seamlessly for all mobile devices and desktop browsing. This means that you will only be paying a small fraction of what otherwise you would have to pay to develop and maintain separate native applications, as well as desktop websites. Also, the cost of Magento PWA development is hugely lower as compared to the development cost of traditional Magento B2B Extension Development while bringing in even more benefits and features of store owners.

    Magento PWA – Offline Mode and Reduced PLT

    According to stats by Google, even a single-second delay in web page loading can drastically lower the conversion rate by up to 20%. This simply means that you can no longer afford to have a slow-loading eCommerce website. Ideally, a webpage shouldn’t take more than two seconds to load completely; anything above that, and you will lose shoppers.

    Thanks to the inherent architecture of the Magneto PWA, you can optimize the page load time (PLT) for your eCommerce store. Also, PWA offers secure connections over HTTPS, protects data, reduces network traffic, and runs offline.

    Magento PWA – Push Notifications

    There is no denying the importance of push notifications for marketing purposes. Push notifications are considered one of the most direct and personalized marketing tools with massive potential to enhance customer engagement rates.

    Once the visitor agrees to receive the notifications from your website, the “Push Manager” sends out notifications through EventListener.

    Push notifications engage customers by delivering real-time updates on order fulfillment, promotional offers, shipment tracking, and new products.

    With the right push notification process, eCommerce businesses can massively improve customer retention rates and enhance the brand value. PWA notifications deliver a similar value as app notification, enabling Magento store owners to improve branding and customer engagement for higher sales and revenues.

    Magento PWA – Few Resources Required

    Progressive Web applications require much lower storage space as compared to traditional applications. This inherent characteristic becomes an intelligent feature for users since these low internal storage applications don’t come as systems’ top priority for deletion whenever there is a low space problem in users’ smart devices.

    Even better, these PWAs can be updated easily with limited technical resources (developers) required. This saves precious time for the eCommerce stores and helps them save tons of money on technical resources.

    To summarize, Progressive Web Applications (PWAs) offer online merchants optimized, viable, and result-oriented solutions, complementing the eCommerce websites while offering customized app features to get the most out of their online businesses.

    No Device Restriction

    When we say that PWAs need fewer technical resources for development and customization purposes, it’s because it is built-in JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. This means that PWAs have a direct connection with the web and that users can easily access the PWAs through any major web browser, including Chrome, Safari, Firefox, etc.

    Another excellent engagement feature of PWAs is that there doesn’t require to be installed in the devices. Instead, users can simply place them on the home screen with just a few taps.

    In a nutshell, PWAs frees eCommerce businesses from all device restrictions, enabling them to reach and engage customers across all smart devices. With a Progressive Web Application (PWA), Magento store owners are able to develop and share their websites across all major operating systems (OS).

    Wrapping Up

    Are you ready to convert your Magento eCommerce into a PWA?

    To leverage the full potential of Magento PWA, you need a reliable and experienced Magento website developer. With the right development team, you save a lot of time and money on PWAs, while improving customer engagement and increasing revenues.

    At Folio3, we offer reliable, consistent, and affordable eCommerce development services, including Magento PWAs, Magento extension, Magento customization, and Magento to Shopify migration services. We strive to deliver our customers with best-in-class design and development experience using the latest technology tools for a robust and successful eCommerce experience.


    1)What is Magento PWA studio?

    Magento PWA or Progressive Web Application Studio is a suite of developer tools that enable easy and fast development, deployment, and management of Magento 2.3 and above PWA store. The Magento PWA studio uses advanced tools and libraries to create a framework and build systems that comply with Magento’s extensibility principles.

    2) Does Magento support PWA?

    Yes, Magento does support Progressive Web Applications or PWA. Magento store owners can integrate Magento PWA by three approaches;

    3) What is PWA Magento 2?

    Progressive Web Application or PWA is a dedicated suite of developer tools that leverage advanced technologies and design patterns to offer users a rapid, reliable, and engaging online shopping experience. Magento 2 PWA stores are highly responsive, super-fast, secure, and cross-browser compatible.

    4) Are Magento PWA themes easy to download?

    Magento PWA themes offer the most convenient and fast approach to convert your existing online store to PWA. You can hire professional Magento enterprise development services to seamlessly convert your store into a progressive web application, which will improve your store’s responsiveness and customer experience. Some of the benefits of Magento PWA themes include;

    • Fully responsive
    • Super-fast
    • SEO boosting
    • Great UX design
    • No download is needed

    5) What are the best Magento 2 PWA extensions?

    Magento 2 PWA is giving rise to a new generation of highly responsive and super-fast ecommerce stores that offer users a seamless shopping experience. Magento 2 PWA extensions also enable store owners to optimize their sites for higher search engine rankings, thereby improving their chances to attract more traffic and maximize revenues.

    Some of the best Magento 2 PWA extensions include;

    • PWA Magento 2 by Cedcommerce
    • PWA M2 by Elsner Technologies
    • PWA Magento 2 & Magento 1 by SetuBridge
    • PWA M2 by Webkul
    • PWA Magento 2 by Magetop

    6) What is Magento PWA Documentation?

    Magento PWA documentation is a set of tools that help developers create aesthetically pleasing and super-responsive eCommerce stores for Magento 2. The Magento 2 PWA stores perform similar to native apps, with no need for downloading. Also, with Magento PWA documentation, store owners can quickly build Magento 2 PWA stores without much technical expertise.


    What is Magento PWA Studio


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