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    Last Updated | September 10, 2021

    The eCommerce marketplace has become the center of attraction of shoppers all across the world. With the increasing number of online stores being open each day, online shoppers have plenty of options to choose their desired products. However, the growing competition in the online marketplace also means that businesses have to come up with better services to attract and retain customers.

    Today, online shoppers are looking for exceptional customer service. They are willing to buy products from online stores that offer them the best services, and features. One such feature that has remained a center point for the majority of online shoppers is product delivery. With Amazon leading the market in express delivery, users are increasingly looking for better, faster, and affordable delivery options. This makes it mandatory for online businesses to design and integrate the best delivery options to retain the competitive advantage.


    Magento delivery data schedule is one such extension that allows online stores to keep up with the delivery demands of customers. The extension offers users the flexibility to choose the time and date of delivery as per their convenience, thus greatly improving the shopping experience.

    The Magento delivery date extension is also beneficial for online stores, as it enables them to add to the convenience of shoppers and keep up with the unique delivery demands. The extension offers complete flexibility in choosing the preferred date and time for delivery. Same-day delivery is also one of the many features of Magento delivery date scheduler that’s highly popular amongst online shoppers.

    Here in this blog, we will be looking at some of the features of the Magento delivery date scheduler and how it can help businesses to maximize customer experience for increased profitability.

    Features of Magento Delivery Date Scheduler

    1. Same-day delivery:

    Perhaps one of the most high-demand delivery features amongst users is the same-day delivery option. With increasing competition, more and more stores are looking to offer customers a same-day delivery feature that can help them gain a competitive advantage and maintain higher customer satisfaction. With Magento delivery date scheduler, it’s possible for businesses to accept and fulfill same-day order delivery. The same-day delivery option can be configured easily by the admin from the backend. Once enabled, customers will have the same-day delivery option for their orders, whereas, you will have the control to set the limit and pricing for the same-day delivery. The feature also enables online stores to set additional costs for the same-day delivery orders, as well as, keep up the threshold for per-day delivery intakes. This enables stores to only take as many orders as can be processed on the same day and avoid falling behind their fulfillment schedule.

    1. Track orders

    The ability to track orders is another high utility of Magento delivery date extension. The feature enables administrators to get detailed reports for order deliveries, return orders, to be delivered orders, and more. The track orders feature also enables admins to trace the orders throughout the fulfillment journey, thus keeping businesses updated about the precise location of the product. This also helps businesses to be able to respond to customer queries regarding their order delivery time.


    1. Display date delivery scheduler on product pages

    Now for customers to choose the preferred date of delivery, they need to have the option to use the date delivery scheduler feature. The Magento delivery date extension can easily be displayed on the product page, as well as, on the checkout page, thereby, vastly improving the customers’ shopping experience by making it convenient for customers to choose their preferred delivery date.

    1. Manage Fulfillment service efficiently

    Magento delivery date scheduler enables store admins to easily configure the time, date, and limit for same-day delivery service. The extension also allows businesses to display working days, and specify dates when delivery isn’t possible. All of these can be configured easily through the backend of the extension, and allow stores to keep up with their fulfillment commitments. Thus the date delivery scheduler not only makes the fulfillment system more efficient but also ensures that eCommerce businesses keep up with their reputation.

    1. Choose a specific time slot:

    Now while it may be called the date delivery scheduler, however in essence the extension also enables stores to offer customers the option to choose their preferred time of delivery. This reinforces the store’s commitment towards a better customer experience while bringing up more transparency in the order delivery process.

    For instance, while a customer may want his parcel to be delivered at a particular date, however, the time of delivery will remain a mystery under normal circumstances. Every day, thousands of orders have to be leftover outside the door, only because customers aren’t at home at the time of delivery. This also increases the chance of theft or damage of the orders. Now, with the time scheduler, it would be easy for customers to know when their order will be delivered, thereby they can avoid all the chaos and be at peace to receive the order. Also, this greatly saves the time of delivery personnel, as they don’t have to hustle back and forth for making the delivery.

    1. Send delivery reminders through emails

    Another great feature of the Magento delivery date scheduler is that it enables businesses to send reminder emails about the delivery. The system can easily be configured at the backend, from where the admin can create email templates and schedule them. This feature enables that the customer is aware of their possible delivery and remains present at the delivery location. The reminder emails also enable customers to change the delivery date if they won’t be able to receive the parcel on an earlier date.

    The delivery date scheduler also enables stores to send out reminder emails to the delivery staff. This makes sure that they remain updated and vigilant for all upcoming deliveries or any potential change in the delivery date. Thus, greatly improving the workflow efficiency of the delivery system and reduction in missed deliveries of miscommunication.

    Wrapping it up:

    Well, in today’s highly competitive online marketplace, it’s imperative for eCommerce stores to bring robust, and high-utility features as a means to attract and retain customers. With Magento delivery date scheduler, eCommerce businesses get the control to efficiently manage one of the most pressing issues of customers; that’s “timely delivery”. The extension enables online stores to stay ahead of the competitive curve by offering something that’s highly sought after by customers.



    What is Magento B2B extension development?

    Magento B2B extension development refers to the specific development services of Magento extensions for B2B (Business to Business) business models. The B2B extensions are developed to meet the unique business needs of sellers, thereby, are highly sought after by online businesses.

    What are Magento B2B features?

    Some of the more high-utility Magento B2B features include; account onboarding, ERP integration, Quick Order, Shipping, customized product blocks, sample product ordering, and others.

    What’s the average Magento development cost?

    Magento development services costs may vary greatly depending upon the size, type, and complexity of the extension, or website. Generally, the Magento cost for extension development will range anywhere from $5000 for a basic extension to $20,000+ for more complex extensions.


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